About Chris

Chris & Andryl Angel

About Chris:

Chris is a Registered Nurse with years of experience in: hospitals & clinics, the emergency room, public health & teaching in a college nursing program. She was a national & international healthcare consultant, an entrepreneur, small business owner and general partner in a 5 million dollar start-up CO.

Chris remembers talking to her Angels at the age of 4. Getting caught up in the western medicine and corporate environment however, resulting in a delay of her spiritual path.

As a result of major health and financial setbacks, Chris spiritual awareness evolved. Her Teacher Guides/ Angels suggested she get back on path and fulfill her life's spiritual purpose.

Today, Chris is a nationally recognized trance & conscious channeler of your own Angels / Teacher Guides. Once Chris started channelling Teacher Guide, Andryl Angel became known to her. Andryl Angel is a Master Guide, Teacher and channeling partner.


A channeling session with your angels / teacher guides may reveal the following types of information:

  1. Unfinished Business / Past Life
  2. Soul's Purpose
  3. Getting Rid of Baggage / Doing Release Work
  4. Healing With Energy
  5. Ancestor and Hereditary Genes
  6. Karma Issues
  7. Current Life Issues: ie Health, Occupation, Job, Relationships, Family, etc...
  8. Relevance of Spirit Color and Spirit Animals

Channeling Sessions can be conducted in person or by telephone.
To schedule, call Chris at (970)301-4007.

Sessions can be scheduled for: Individuals, Couples, Groups, Organizations, Corporate Sponsored Events, Health / Wellness, Metaphysical Fairs, etc...

Chris has been teaching Angel Workshops and giving Angel Lectures for over 20 years. Learning to talk with your angels is "as easy as learning to tie your shoes"!
They are also available for lectures on: How to Access the Physician Within You for Self Healing (Physician Heal Thyself)