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Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for June 2020:

*"Mindful meditation may be the easiest form of relaxation that your body can experience. Focus on something simple like a bubble or ripple on a pond or lake, or a tree limb in motion when the wind blows. While your eyes are focusing slowly breathe in & out. If outside thoughts creep in to distract your focus slowly open & close your eyes to wipe them away. Then resume focusing & slowly breathing in & out. The steps to refocus & resume slow breathing will become easier as you practice each day. Using this form of meditation for 10-15 minutes each day can also have a positive impact on your body's health. Each human was created with a wealth of resources for self-healing within their own body. Learn to tap into these resources through mindful meditation & your entire body will be enriched."

*"How simple it would be if every human on Mother Earth could walk in the shoes of a different neighbor each day. Lessons of tolerance, acceptance, equality & peace would be an easier way to exist. These lessons however become challenges to test your reaction when you least expect their appearance. When you keep love in your heart for your neighbor & self you will always be prepared for a positive outcome. Remember that Mother Earth is the schoolroom, Angels are the Teachers, humans are the learn lessons for self change. Always keep love in your heart & your thoughts, words & actions positive & see how simple it is to attract the same into your life. Life is meant to be simple, don't complicate it."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for May 2020:

*"Observe the changes that you encounter this period of great challenge. Don't rush through them, instead, look at each change that you see. Does the positive outweigh the negative as it applies to Mother Earth? No human will experience these events in exactly the same way. Do you see and feel the changes as a: full glass of water, a half glass of water, or an empty water glass? Remember, what you see, think or feel is what your words and actions will reveal about you. During this period of 'PAUSE', reflect on who you really are. Make any necessary changes until the outcome exhibits LOVE."

*"The true test of a humans character depends on how they handle challenges they encounter. The challenges can be physical, mental or emotional, each situation may be different. What will remain a 'constant' however, is Love. Let that always be your guiding principle and your energy will radiate success."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for April 2020:

*"Harm to your energy field can only come when you expose yourself to negative/ harmful energy. You have the right to say 'NO', you have the right to stay safe, you have freedom of choice. Your freedom however, does not give you the right to infringe on the life & space of another. Humans have to learn how to show respect, to share equally & to co-exist on Mother Earth. The current threat to human life can give Mother Earth an opportunity to rebuild. The air will be cleansed, the water less polluted, the soil less toxic allowing animals, birds & fish a chance to survive again. Mother Earth was created for humans, animals, birds & fish to co-exist for their natural purpose. Power & greed had become too rampant so an intervention was required. Live your life, love yourself & others & respect the Universe & Mother Earth. This is all you have."

*"This Easter season reflect on the true Spiritual meaning. Show love & appreciation for the depth of wisdom you can derive when you meditate on why it occurred. There are no accidents, nothing is by chance, everything has a purpose. When you learn to pause, relax & meditate each day your life can be enriched. Is it easier for you to choose stress & fear over spiritual peace of mind? The choice is yours."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for March 2020:

*"The rotating seasons that you experience are necessary for the health of Mother Earth. Each season brings a dramatic shift, not only in temperature, nourishment and activity that the environment needs for survival. Can you appreciate that Mother Earth is entering a new season or do you dread the changes it brings? Instead of regret shift your thoughts to love and you will see the beauty that exists around you. All the changes that occur are without human intervention and will exist into eternity."

*"When you think of natural beauty can you picture a garden of flowers? Now try to focus your thoughts and inner vision so you can actually smell their fragrance. Allow your mind to experience your thoughts that are filled with amazing pictures. This brief meditation can positively shift your attitudes, emotions and reactions throughout the day. This is an important step to self healing."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for February 2020:

*"When the newborn baby takes their 'breath of life', it also activates their heart. At that moment their heart is filled to capacity with love. Whether that love will remain and continue to grow depends on their environment. If that baby is surrounded by negative and destructive energy, it weakens their ability to trust and love unconditionally. When a child is denied love in their early years, it can result in a life filled with emotional baggage. Love is the strongest emotion and form of energy that exists. When you freely share love with every human you encounter, it will come back to you tenfold."

*"How often have you heard the words: 'take time to smell the roses'? The words are simple and easy to remember yet their message is ignored. Do you take a few minutes each day to reflect on your blessings and give appreciation to the Higher Power? It is too easy for humans to take life for granted unless they encounter challenges. Offset any stress that may impact your life by expressing love and appreciation daily. You will notice how small a problem actually appears when you walk with grace daily."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for January 2020:

*"When each human exhibits love & respect to everyone they encounter, the results can be overwhelming. Just like a river that flows without restrictions it can impact and be contagious to others. When you look at your environment of humans today are you comfortable with what you see? If not, begin the New Year with a simple resolution. That love & respect for yourself and others will be part of each day moving forward."

*"Your calendar shows that a New Year is here how does that impact your life? Do you see this as an opportunity to make changes? They can be subtle or very dramatic. When you do a review look at areas to improve and the steps to achieve your goal. Make a list of how you will accomplish each task & resolve to follow through. Tape up a picture of how the end results will look so you can see it every day. This is your life and your freedom to choose how you see, feel, and think about it. This can be your new beginning."

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