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Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for September 2019:

*"As easy as it is to close your eyes, it is also that easy to meditate. Practice makes perfect! Sit in a comfortable chair or on Mother Earth. Let your shoulders relax. Take 10 deep breaths and feel your entire body relaxing. In your mind picture a rainbow. See the beautiful, vibrant colors pulsating. Keep watching the rainbow. See it slowly drift away. Allow your mind to be totally relaxed and clear. Whatever thoughts come in, replace them with the rainbow. The rainbow fills you with comfort, peace and love. Practice this mindful meditation 5 - 10 mins. daily or whenever you feel stress or negative energy becoming a problem. Remember, with freedom of choice you are in charge. Practice and repetition brings success."

*"Teachers like to remind humans of the lessons they often encounter. From their very early years until their soul returns Home, humans are tested on attitudes, emotions and reactions. Thoughts, words and actions create the foundation of a lesson. When you remember that humans are magnets and will pull to yourself what ever you need to change in yourself; it becomes easier to make those adjustments. Life is simple but humans tend to complicate it. Don't dig beneath the surface looking for hidden meanings; instead, see what's right in front of you. What are you encountering and experiencing? If love is not the answer, then recognize your lesson, and make changes in you to create love."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for August 2019:

*"How often do you allow another human 'to push your buttons'? Do you always react with anger based on their actions and conversation? Or do you choose to view that human as another loving soul simply following their life purpose? Remember, every soul has a path that was chosen for their return. No soul returns just to take up space. Your reaction to another human may be a test of your own character. Do you react with anger, criticism and rejection? Or, do you use love, patience and understanding? Keep remembering that Mother Earth is your schoolroom. All humans are the students and your Angels are the Teachers."

*"Keep looking for that rainbow every time it rains. The momentary beauty reflected in the colors creates a sense of peace, love and comfort. Especially, when your day is filled with stress and you feel complete exhaustion. It's amazing how the beauty of a rainbow can change and relax your own energy. It reminds you that God/the High Power is in charge and you can release your problems to Him."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for July 2019:

*"The age of a human has no relevance in what they choose to believe about Spirit. Some 'old souls' recreate their spiritual wisdom at a very early age. Others may be referred to as 'slow learners' and their spiritual awakening happens in their middle or later years. In some cases it may take a personal tragedy or crisis to reawaken the memory of a humans soul purpose. You are not judged based on the day, time or year of your awakening. The human however, will be judged on how they lived their life and used their freedom of choice."

*"Once you choose to believe and accept that there are 'no accidents'; that every event and incident serves a purpose, your own life will have more meaning. The Universe is perfectly orchestrated and everything happens by design. On a daily basis when you look at and review all the situations and/ or tragedies it is difficult to comprehend. Yet, with passage of time clarity may come or your own trust and faith will be tested. Your acceptance of a Higher Power/ the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is how your trust and faith is created. Take time daily to meditate, to go within and to review your purpose for being."

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Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for June 2019:

*"How often do you search outside of yourself for answers you know are within? Do you have more trust & faith in another human than in your own 'higher self'? When faced with a major decision and your own intuition leads you to the answer; do you still look for confirmation from another human? In many cases insecurity and doubt can lead to paralyzing fear. Are you more comfortable working from a position of weakness, depending on the choice of others? Your freedom of choice allows you to select the path you want to follow. The choices you make are the legacy you will leave for others that can lead them to a path of confusion. Be ready to review when you make decisions, if they are from a position or strength with the outcomes obvious. Or, will they see the confusion that clouded your path and the outcome causing doubt? Learn to trust yourself, your 'higher self', and your intuition. Leave that legacy of confidence."

*"The Universe provides and Mother Earth releases; do you see how blessed you are? Or, are you oblivious to the power that exists all around you when you ignore your spiritual path. Your Angels/ Teachers are always with you. Welcome Them into your life and give Them permission to open the doors that will lead you to where you should be. The power of the Universe and Mother Earth is here to assist your life on Earth. Allow it to work with you and through you."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for April 2019:

*"Anytime you say a prayer, make a request or meditate on something or someone to be healed or changed; start the process by first saying: " if it's meant to be". Only God/ the High Power knows what the soul agreement was and will protect the outcome. To experience peace of mind and true spiritual comfort, humans must be willing to give up control and to let go and let God. The ego of a human will surely be tested during times of challenge and/ or crisis. Be willing to step back or step aside and let the will or God take over. The character of the human will be put to the test, will you exhibit strength or weakness? Your freedom of choice determines the outcome."

*"There are no accidents....Some humans refer to 'chance encounters' as: a coincidence, being in the right place at the right time, the luck of the draw, but in reality it was a 'meant to be occurrence'. Become more aware of these 'chance encounters' so you don't miss a golden opportunity. When another human crosses your path or enters your life, is it as a student or teacher? Pause long enough to smile and exchange a greeting and be willing to either listen or share some requested wisdom. This simple act of kindness may be the miracle that changes lives."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for March 2019:

*"How quickly humans can change their opinions, their direction, their belief system, their wants, desires & needs. Can you truly appreciate that this freedom of choice to change is a gift from God/ the High Power? From the moment the baby takes that first breath of life that freedom of choice begins. The baby learns quickly that it can cry, smile & laugh if it chooses. And as that baby grows into an adult that gift of free choice is taken for granted. There may be times that a human will abuse their freedom of choice and actually lose the use of that gift. Learn to use discernment before making any life altering decisions, to determine the outcome of your choice. Remember to always use your freedom of choice gift with appreciation, love and wisdom."

*"There may be events that a challenge your life and threaten what you love and cherish. Do you view these situations as a form of punishment and question the presence of God/ the High Power? Your immediate response whether it is anger or prayer can help resolve the outcome. Answers may become evident with meditation and examining the lesson involved. Being a student in the schoolroom of life on Mother Earth, creates continuous lessons for self-change. When questioning the presence of God/ the High Power simply look at the beauty of Nature. A big question involving many lessons for humans is: are you willing and ready to change?"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for February 2019:

*"Every human has Angels/ Teachers around them based on their soul agreement. Knowing, believing and trusting that Angels are near-by is the humans freedom of choice. These Spiritual Teachers will not interfere in the humans life unless invited in or agreed upon. If lessons for self change however, are part of the humans path; the Teachers can arrange and create them. In the spiritual school just like the human school the Teachers create the lessons and the student find and learn the answer. Remember, Mother Earth is the schoolroom and humans are the students. A simple but important lesson for every student is to learn and practice the "Golden Rule": Always do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

*"What does the heart of a human represent? It is an organ whose function is to keep the human alive. It also depicts the love, empathy and compassion the human exhibits. Most humans are defined by the heart they possess. Do you want to be remembered as having a memorable heart or one quickly forgotten? No one but you is in charge of your heart. Take care of it, respect it and let it identify you."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for January 2019:

*"Humans should realize that at the beginning of a new calendar year they have an opportunity to start over. Meditate on what you would like to accomplish, give appreciation for and be open to your first step. Let go of the past, move away from any negative aspects of your life and embrace a positive future. A human life is too short to dwell on and live in stress, turmoil and disruption. When you only allow a positive new beginning to infiltrate your thoughts, words, and actions, your entire life will benefit from the results. Remember, this is the beginning of your New Year and your choices will mirror the results."

*"How quickly a human can jump from one event, situation or relationship to another without using discernment. Be willing to remove your blinders and earmuffs to truly experience your life. As you begin each day, take several deep breaths and learn to live in the moment. Pause and reflect on the choices you will make and eliminate impulsive decisions. Your life can become a picture of peace and comfort instead of chaos and confusion. It all depends on the choices you make as you begin your day; remember you are starting a New Year."

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