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Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for February 2019:

*"Every human has Angels/ Teachers around them based on their soul agreement. Knowing, believing and trusting that Angels are near-by is the humans freedom of choice. These Spiritual Teachers will not interfere in the humans life unless invited in or agreed upon. If lessons for self change however, are part of the humans path; the Teachers can arrange and create them. In the spiritual school just like the human school the Teachers create the lessons and the student find and learn the answer. Remember, Mother Earth is the schoolroom and humans are the students. A simple but important lesson for every student is to learn and practice the "Golden Rule": Always do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

*"What does the heart of a human represent? It is an organ whose function is to keep the human alive. It also depicts the love, empathy and compassion the human exhibits. Most humans are defined by the heart they possess. Do you want to be remembered as having a memorable heart or one quickly forgotten? No one but you is in charge of your heart. Take care of it, respect it and let it identify you."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for January 2019:

*"Humans should realize that at the beginning of a new calendar year they have an opportunity to start over. Meditate on what you would like to accomplish, give appreciation for and be open to your first step. Let go of the past, move away from any negative aspects of your life and embrace a positive future. A human life is too short to dwell on and live in stress, turmoil and disruption. When you only allow a positive new beginning to infiltrate your thoughts, words, and actions, your entire life will benefit from the results. Remember, this is the beginning of your New Year and your choices will mirror the results."

*"How quickly a human can jump from one event, situation or relationship to another without using discernment. Be willing to remove your blinders and earmuffs to truly experience your life. As you begin each day, take several deep breaths and learn to live in the moment. Pause and reflect on the choices you will make and eliminate impulsive decisions. Your life can become a picture of peace and comfort instead of chaos and confusion. It all depends on the choices you make as you begin your day; remember you are starting a New Year."

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