Channeling Archive

Chris & Andryl Angel

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for November 2018:

*"When you can truly appreciate the changing seasons, you will appreciate everything that Mother Earth and the Universe provides. The rain, the snow, the wind the sunshine all serve a purpose when they manifest. Not only for feeding, for cleansing and nurturing all animals and plant life, but also to maintain a healthy balance for human life. When you open your eyes in the morning and the clouds are heavy, instead of saying "it looks like a dreary day", thank Mother Earth & the Universe for providing a wonderful balance to life. Teach yourself to use optimism and eliminate pessimism, the choice is always yours."

*"What does it benefit any human to only covet material possessions and wealth? The greatest wealth that you have comes from within. Take all the steps necessary to protect your health, your physical body, your mind and brain. Allow only what is good, healthy and positive to enter, to reside within and to exit in the form of love and appreciation for yourself and others. Love is the most beautiful and strongest emotion that exists. Accept it, live with it, exhibit it and share it with all other humans you encounter and even those you have not met."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for October 2018:

*"Many times a human will pray asking for a 'do-over'. They recognize areas of their life they wish they could change. Some of their choices, treatment of others, or flaws in their own character become visible to them. Looking in the past is only productive when you are willing to change. Reviewing life lessons , learning from them and making amends can create the 'do-over' requested. Keep remembering that Mother Earth is a schoolroom. As the students, humans are here to keep learning, growing in wisdom and changing in a positive way."

*"How long in human years would it take you to go from creation to wisdom & awareness? Some humans, through their choices reach that level in their early years; some middle or later years and some not at all. Achieving wisdom and awareness, in most cases, requires study, trust & faith, being open and willing to change. Some humans can go to a house of worship, pray and expect enlightenment. Recognize that your human schoolroom and spiritual schoolroom require a focused level of work to achieve success."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for September 2018:

*"A human life is the most amazing creation that exists on Mother Earth. Every component performs like a well oiled machine at it's highest level of perfection. The daily wear and tear, karma issues or genetic carry-overs can manifest changes that will interfere with its smooth performance. Each human should determine the necessary steps to maintain and elevate their health on a daily basis. You entered this life with a gift of a body. Protect, cherish, respect and care for it with love and wisdom."

*"When the seasons change on Mother Earth; pause and reflect on the smooth transition. The trees, grass and flowers exhibit the visual changes. Depending on your location on Mother Earth, the animals, birds and insects can migrate or hibernate. The Universe also provides changes to the weather patterns. The length of daylight hours and darkness will also shift. All of these changes happen without human intervention or control and provide a perfect balance to life."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for August 2018:

*"When you try too hard no matter what it is, does it cause you to feel stress, anxiety, and the possible fear of failure? Try to be more objective with yourself. Close your eyes, take 10 deep breaths, picture yourself accomplishing the task. Internalizing stress and anxiety can lead to health issues and create a block in your effort to be successful. Invite your Angels/ Teachers in and give Them permission to close the door if it is not 'meant to be.' Also ask Them to lead you to where you should be. Spiritual help is always around you."

*"How often do you lend a hand to another human whether they have asked for help or not? If you do help someone in need do you do it willingly or have 'strings attached'? Your emotions and facial expressions will reveal if it is done with love. When you remember the 'golden rule' and 'law of the universe', you will always know how to react. "Always treat others as you want to be treated"; and "What goes around comes around". Life is simple, don't complicate it."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for July 2018:

*"The 2 human activities that can lead to amazing results are: deep breathing along with focused intentions. Count to 6 while inhaling and count to 6 while exhaling; while in your mind picture the event, see yourself accomplishing it and feel the success and joy of winning. Keep repeating the process of deep breathing with focused intention for 15 minute segments as often as you can throughout the day. Repeat this activity for 10-14 days in a row. In addition to the results of your visualization, you will also be self healing. There is nothing as powerful as the mind/ body/ spirit connection to create miracles for humans. The only requirement is trust and faith and some of your time each day."

*"Do you start each day with good intentions but your 'follow-through' is weak?. Is your creative side in limbo while your excuses take the lead? When you see someone achieve success, do you say "it's their good luck"? Are you prepared to face the reality that hard work and perseverance can lead to success; that others may also view 'as your good luck'? So start your day with good intentions and follow through with strength. When your creative side is active grab hold and follow through. Remember, your freedom of choice is your reality."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for June 2018:

*"Meditation is safe, helpful and healing. It can be practiced anywhere, anytime of the day and is free of monetary investment. It can be used for relaxation, to solve problems, to tap into your higher self and to communicate with your Angels and Teachers. If a regular practitioner of meditation, you may also experience a body-mind healing. The fundamentals of meditation are the same for the 'rich & famous' as they are for the 'homeless'. Trust and faith along with your daily commitment is the key to success."

*"Whether you watch a squirrel run back and forth or a bird fly from tree to tree, can you see and appreciate the miracle? Why do these simple creatures exist and how were they created? Do you take their existence for granted, or have you ever given it any thought? When you rush through your day to the point of exhaustion, it's difficult to appreciate life. Remind yourself daily to slow down and smell the flowers and appreciate your reason for being."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for May 2018:

*"When a human standing near you whispers, do you lean closer to hear what they are saying? If their words are confusing, would you ask them to repeat? If the clarity is offensive how do you respond? Do you simply walk away or ask for their intention? In many spiritual situations, one human may be the teacher and the other human the student. When you find yourself with a teaching opportunity, would you hesitate and walk away or seize the moment? On many occasions a student is identified by their thoughtless choice of words. A simple correction made with love and a smile may be all that's needed to have a positive impact on the students life. Remember, Mother Earth is a schoolroom and humans are the students as well as teachers. Look for each opportunity to grow spiritually."

*"When you wake up in the morning and it's a rainy day, what do you immediately feel? Are you sad and depressed or happy and appreciative? If sad and depressed all you may need is a cup of tea, a raincoat and umbrella. If happy and appreciative you recognize how trees and flowers and Mother Earth will grow; and how grateful the birds and animals are for the nutrition and cleansing provided. Try to look at the big picture before you react. Look at all the benefits provided and the simple adjustments that you might make."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for April 2018:

*"What does Easter Sunday represent to you: the risen King, a day of worship, a new beginning, Easter lilies, Easter baskets, an early Spring? Every human uses symbolism to represent major events or days of recognition. The symbolism may be a but a fleeting thought or a more focused participation. Close your eyes and picture the words, Easter Sunday. What is your first image representing those words? There is no right or wrong answer, only your own recognition and what it means to you."

*"When you hear birds chirping do you listen to what they may be saying or do you discount it as 'simply noise'? Do you pause and listen to dogs barking, cats mewing, horses neighing, crickets chirping, and so on? Every living species in addition to humans have their own way of communicating. When you take the time to 'tune into' how animals, mammals, birds, etc communicate, especially during natural disasters, it may bring you a new level of comfort to be prepared. Many humans criticize each other for talking too much; the other species do the same. But it's the wise human, animal, bird, etc. that can tell the difference because they listened."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for March 2018:

*"When you see or hear the words: peach, grapes, plums, or banana, can you immediately picture the fruit? When you see or hear the words: wood, plastic, paper or metal, can you also picture these items? Now close your eyes and see: a red car, a blue ball, a green apple and a yellow sun. With your eyes still closed picture a dark brown dog, a yellow/orange cat, a black and white zebra and a green spotted frog. Were you able to clearly visualize with your eyes open as well as closed? Remember, you do physical exercise to keep your body limber; now include this visualization exercise to help your mind."

*"If you saw an adult trip and fall would you stand back and watch or rush over to assist them? If you heard a child loudly crying, would you walk the other way or see how you might help? How you react to those in need is a sign of your compassion. When you live by the words "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", your compassion will be your guide."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for February 2018:

*"With your eyes closed, picture yourself walking on a cobblestone path and finding a comfortable place to sit. On your left is a beautiful blue lake with 2 white swans floating toward you. On your right are several small hills covered with lush green grass and a sprinkling of colorful wildflowers. With your eyes still closed take 2 deep breaths, inhaling the mist rising off the lake. Pause, and take 2 more deep breaths, inhaling the scent of Mother Earth grass and flowers. Picture the water and earth energy flowing into every cell and organ of your body. While still sitting with your eyes closed, feel the calming and healing effects your body is experiencing. Before opening your eyes, give appreciation for your ability to visualize, create and experience results. Use this mechanism for releasing stress and self healing."

*"If you walked into a room and saw 2 doors in front of you. A sign hung on the door on the left has the words: love, good health, happiness. The door on the right has a sign with the words: abundant wealth, tribulations, solitude. A voice prompt is telling you to choose one of the doors to go through; so you are not blocking the path of those behind you. Do you immediately trust your intuition when selecting the door, or do you act on impulse based on the words you see? Allow yourself time to meditate on both doors and what the words imply. Would you still make the same choice?" Is impulse a big part of your life, or do you go within when making important decisions? Freedom of choice........"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for January 2018:

*"Close your eyes and in your mind see yourself leaning against a beautiful tree.. The trunk is a dark, reddish brown and the cascading leaves are shades of green, red and gold. With your eyes still closed, feel the warm, calming and peaceful energy radiating from the tree into where your body is touching it. See in your mind and feel in your body the healing effects created by Mother Earth. This is your life, your body and your freedom of choice. Remember to see that vision in your minds eye and allow your body to feel the benefits, whenever you encounter stress. You were given the ability to visualize , Mother Earth provides the mechanism to heal, and your freedom of choice creates the results."

*"Did you do anything different to welcome a New Year into your life? Many humans start with good intentions, but their follow-through may be short lived. Excuses are rampant during the first month of the New Year. With each passing day the good intentions become a fading memory. A suggestion would be to make only one good, solid, achievable intention. Write the intention in big letters on 3 separate cards. Hang one card on the mirror that you look in every morning. Hang one card where you eat your meals. Attach one card to the inside of your pocketbook, backpack or briefcase. Every time you see the card, read it out loud so it stays fresh in your thoughts and mind. Repetition can do wonders for achieving your goal; why not start today?"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for December 2017:

*"Humans live with calendars that have dates and times and other pertinent data. This information is irrelevant to Spirit. Angels/ Teachers focus on the humans nature. What type attitudes & emotions do they exhibit; and how do they respond to situations and other humans. The spiritual nature or soul purpose of every human exists with love only. The thin veil that separates the soul purpose from the humans thoughts, words and actions is called 'ego'. Once the human understands that it is their freedom of choice that can positively change their ego, a true spiritual awareness can occur. Keep remembering that the greatest gift from the High Power is your freedom of choice; use it wisely."

*"What symbolism to you choose to represent Christmas; santa, presents, decorations or the birth of the baby Jesus? Your choice identifies the materialistic -vs- the spiritual. What should children be taught about their choices? There is nothing evil about choosing what you visually see displayed. Your spiritual growth may be delayed for a short period. Once you can recognize and meditate on the spiritual purpose of Christmas you may feel more grounded in acceptance, peace and love. This can also open your new year calendar with a greater sense of optimism."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for November 2017:

*"When you see a picture of or hear the word: pumpkin; does it conjure up memories of of specific holidays? Does the image of Santa Claus bring back thoughts from your early years or those of the children in your life? Stimulating your brain through memories and pictures should be as simple as Smiling or saying I Love You. Both actions can change your outlook on life as well as those around you. To create and capture those amazing results are all connected to your 'freedom of choice'. Start your day with the words: I Can and I Will. Stimulate the feelings of joy in your life and the lives of those important to you. There is no monetary cost and the results are immeasurable."

*"Seeing the green leaves turn to red, orange and gold is like watching a rainbow appear after the rain stops. It is all part of the magic of the Universe and Mother Earth. It is breath taking to see the perfection that appears, knowing that a human couldn't create it. Pause long enough to actually see and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you each day. Humans are mere thoughts created in the Universe and are all interconnected with the beauty and magic that exists."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for October 2017:

* "The Golden Rule should be practiced by every human that exists on Mother Earth. In thought, word and actions: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When you live by this simple rule you do your part to make your life and the lives of those you encounter fill with love. Why not take that first step in helping yourself and others to change the world. One step at a time, one day at a time and one human at a time is all it takes. Are you ready to begin?"

* "Does it really take a disaster to make humans more aware of the suffering of others and to bring them closer together? Abuse and neglect has been rampant in your culture for centuries. Your technology makes it more visible and difficult to ignore. Many humans however, will turn their back on those less fortunate, in pursuit of material possessions. What if the table was turned? Remember, their are no accidents. Every situation or event that you encounter may be a test of your character. How do you respond; what steps do you take; how can you help your neighbor? Are you willing to change you, to lead by example; to ignite a change in others?"

* "In order to love and appreciate others, you first have to love and appreciate you. God/ the Higher Power does not create junk or garbage. Start each day by putting a higher value on you and let it rub off on others. Use positive mantras when you first open your eyes each morning: I have love in my heart for me and everyone I encounter; I feel joy; I will only allow positive into my life; I am blessed; I am grateful for the Angels that surround me; etc."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for August 2017:

*"Have you ever given thought to how often small 'miracles' happen in your daily life that change your life? You may wake up in the morning feeling sad, lonely and depressed. You receive a call or message that immediately fills you with a sense of joy, peace & love & validates your reason for being. Your current employment was terminated causing fear, doubt and a feeling of insecurity. You then cross paths with another human that offers you a position far greater then what you left behind. Remember, one door may need to close before another door can open. There are 'no accidents'. Every event and situation that occurs has a purpose. You may not see the purpose at the time it happens. With passage of time and hindsight your ability to 'solve the puzzle' becomes easier. Life is simple, don't complicate it."

*"You live in a 'disposable' world. As a human you learn early in your life that if something does not feel good or right you can change it. You learn to replace it, substitute it, or move away from it. This is where your 'freedom of choice' excels. What you cannot change however, is your soul, your inner essence, your reason for being. Learn to see yourself as a 'gift'. The paper and ribbon covering the 'gift' is what you can change. The gift inside is solid and firm, your soul. Your freedom of choice allows you to change, the wrapping, how others see you and how you see yourself. Use your 'freedom of choice' with wisdom."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for July 2017:

*"Let Go and Let God"... remember those words whenever you are faced with a difficult challenge or your 1/2 glass has completely gone dry. Take a deep breath, relax and give up control. Invite the Higher Power and your Angels into your life, to show you the way. Your path may feel 'bumpy' with every step that you take; have trust that you will be lead where you should be. Remove any fear and doubt and proceed with faith, that you have given control to God the Higher Power."

*"How you live your life is compared to a boomerang: what you put out is what comes back to you. When you send out any negative or dark energy, whether in thought, words or actions; the same will invade your life. Negative is magnetized to negative and likewise, positive is attracted to positive. The human energy field is a huge magnet that will pull to you what you may need to change in you. Remember your gift of 'freedom of choice' and determine how your boomerang will travel."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for June 2017:

*"Happiness & Joy comes from within to be authentic. When it is superficial, or only lip service, it is putting on a 'false front'. Trying to maintain a false front is difficult and sporadic and easily detected by others. To truly feel happy and a sense of joy tap into your 'higher self', your soul's purpose of love. Every soul exists with love only. Your human side through 'freedom of choice' carries too much heavy energy called baggage. Ground yourself by releasing into Mother Earth everything negative in your life. Meditate, go within, communicate with your Angels and experience the sense of peace, joy and relaxation that will fill your life. Every human has that ability. It all depends on your choice."

*"How often do you allow yourself to get caught up in a web of deceit or lies, no matter how small or insignificant it appears? Anytime truth or honesty is pushed to the side or ignored, dark and heavy energy seeps in. Negative energy accumulates within your energy field and can result in stress, turmoil and health issues. Being open, honest and loving toward yourself and others is always the best answer....It will help you overcome any 'bump' in the road of life. The choice is always yours."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for May 2017:

*"Try the following simple exercise to see how it impacts your life. Divide a large sheet of paper into 5 columns. At the top of column 1, write the words: MY FEELINGS. Under the word feelings list the words that describes your feelings at that moment. At the top of column 2, write: MY ATTITUDES, and list your attitudes at that moment. In the 3rd column at the top write: MY EMOTIONS and list at that moment your emotions. The top of column 4 should say: MY EXPECTATIONS, and list what you expect in your life at that time. At the top of column 5 write MY RESULTS. Under results list what you learned about your feelings, your attitudes, your emotions and your expectations. Is this a clear and descriptive picture of how you see yourself? Is this how others may see you? Is there anything you would like to change, because you can. Life is simple, don't complicate it; you have freedom of choice."

*"Do you remember to give appreciation when you wake up in the morning and when you are ready to go to sleep? This simple gesture has no monetary value; but the spiritual value is immeasurable."

*"Take the 1st small step to improve your world each day. Acknowledge by greeting the first person you encounter and wish them a 'happy day'. You may choose to do the same to the 2nd & 3rd person too, especially when you see them smile. You may never know the results it creates, but the act of smiling is contagious. It can actually improve the lives of everyone involved from the first greeting you delivered."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for March 2017:

*"When you open your eyes in the morning, what is the first thing you see that makes you smile or feel good? In many cases it may be a child, a family pet or a special photo that creates optimism for the rest of your day. If however, when you open your eyes the feeling of sadness or stress overwhelms you then change should be your priority. It may take adding to or rearranging something simple in your environment to create a feeling of peace and comfort. Do you enjoy reading, than place favorite books nearby. Do you enjoy the outdoors and Mother Earth, then place a plant or flowers in your view. If relationships create a sense of family and love, than place a family photo on your nightstand that you immediately see. Whatever change it takes to start your day with optimism, a smile on your face and a feeling of love, than make that choice. Your entire life will benefit from that decision."

*"If you can count to 10 meditation could become a very simple relaxation technique to use. Sit in a comfortable location and position, indoors or out. Close your eyes, take 10 deep breaths and clear all the chatter from your mind. Visualize your 'happy place' and see yourself completely relaxed. You can do this from as little as 5 mins to 15 or 20 mins as often as you can throughout the day. Do this especially when you feel any stress or turmoil in your life. There is no monetary charge. The emotional charge and benefit you feel to your health and peace of mind is immeasurable."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for February 2017:

*"This period of the human calendar represents: hearts & flowers, love & greeting cards. It is also a time to continue following or ignoring any New Year resolutions you made. Do you look at each month of your calendar as a continuation of unfinished business? Do you see each month completely independent and an opportunity to start over? Each human has the ability to see what they choose and to experience the results of their choices. The symbolism attached to this calendar month can be a reminder. Keep those that you love close to your heart and be willing to love one another."

*"Close your eyes and picture your 'happy place', what do you actually see? Are you enjoying an outdoors location on Mother Earth, or are you inside a man made building? Does your outdoor 'happy place' fill you with comfort and freedom? Will your indoor 'happy place' provide a feeling of safety and peace of mind? Where ever you picture your 'happy place', use that during periods of stress. Each human can visualize their own peaceful location by closing their eyes and relaxing. Carrying stress is added baggage that your body does not need. A quick visit to your 'happy place' can do wonders to set your mind free."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for January 2017:

*"Look beyond any imagined roadblocks that interferes with your well-being. Do you establish concrete goals to achieve positive changes in your life? Fill a glass half full of water; do you see it as 1/2 full or 1/2 empty? Look inside your wallet or money clip. Will it provide immediate necessities? OR, are you stressed by not having more? If you open the door of your refrigerator or pantry what do you actually see? If you only see boxes, cans and packages of food, you may feel like you don't have enough. But, if you allow your creative mind to see the nutritious meals at your fingertips you can appreciate the abundance that you have. Remove the roadblock of pessimism from your life and instead choose to live with optimism. It takes very little effort to use a smile instead of a frown; to see the rainbow in spite of the rain; to enjoy what you have instead of always wanting more. Your freedom of choice allows you to live your life with optimism or pessimism; which do you choose?"

*"Do you look st this New Year as a new chapter in your Book of Life OR is it merely the change of a calendar page and nothing else but 'more of the same'? You are the producer and director of your own Book of Life, how do you see it progressing? Do you avoid change because you see it as stress or do you welcome change as an exciting new opportunity? Set your sights on how you would like this year to progress. How you choose to write the script will determine the outcome."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for December 2016:

*"It takes very little energy to say 'thank you' and show appreciation with body language and facial expressions. That little gesture of gratitude may have a profound affect on the recipient. No matter how small a gift or large their praise, always receive kindness from others with heartfelt sincerity. You know how quickly the sunlight can be dimmed by moving clouds, so can the emotions of humans be impacted by negative actions. When you live by the golden rule: ' Do unto others as you would have them do unto you', everyone benefits."

*"Celebrate this season with a spiritual focus and watch your life improve. Look beyond the Christmas lights and decorations and experience this new beginning. A heavenly Child was brought into your world to create a lasting symbol of love. No matter who you are, where you live or what you do, that love will never abandon you. If you feel sad, lonely or that no one cares, find a quiet place to sit. Close your eyes, relax and tap into that deep feeling of love coming from your soul's memory. You are truly never alone."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for November 2016:

*"If you act on impulse when making decisions your life will be filled with stress. The two situations that will occupy most of your thoughts will be hindsight and self-doubt. When faced with any choice that may have either a positive or negative impact on your life think before you speak. Take several deep breaths, relax, tap into your higher self / your intuition and pause long enough to feel confident with your response."

*"Do you appreciate the beauty and magic that happens with a rainbow? Can you see the spiritual essence of its creation? Picture a giant hand reaching down from the sky painting the awesome scene. Enjoy the colorful energy as it appears for it will soon disappear. The Universe and Mother Earth create moments of magic to get our attention. Do you pause long enough each day to acknowledge and give appreciation for the beauty that surrounds you? Or, do you instead feel a sense of entitlement? Choices!"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for October 2016:

*"If you measure your success on only material possessions, you are missing your actual life purpose. Real success with a purpose can be identified by the love and respect you show to others. It can also be measured by the lives you touch and footprints you create for others to follow, whether they be rich or poor, family, friend or acquaintance. Being 'all inclusive' and eliminating biases, prejudices and discrimination is the kind of success that expands your spiritual growth and identifies your true sense of purpose."

*"Close your eyes and visualize an apple, an orange, a banana and a Pineapple. Once you can see them can you also develop a sense of how they taste? Being able to visualize a food, an object or situation can help you create a reality in your life. For example, if you suffer with a minor affliction can you visualize yourself prior to the affliction? If you look in the looking glass today, are you happy with your reflection? Visualize the health and appearance you see for yourself and let that become your reality. In all your free moments of every day thereafter, keep visualizing the new you. If you can imagine it then also allow yourself to create it by your daily choices. This will then become your new reality."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for September 2016:

*"As the seasons change in many locations on Mother Earth, what is visible to you may also change. From shades of green to brown, to piles of leaves and flower petals, to the flight of birds and butterflies, everything has a season. This may also be your season for housecleaning of self. Use introspection as your source for review. Is there anything in how others see your 'attitudes, emotions or reactions' that results in turmoil or negative responses? If so, are you willing to change? Mother Earth will visibly show you changes. Will the changes you make be visible and appreciated by others?"

*"It doesn't take much to entertain a small child when you give them a box of crayons. If you also provide some paper, pictures or a coloring book, their creative side will slowly emerge. As you become an adult through lack of use, your creativity may become blocked. When you feel stuck, encounter stress or just want to relax and express yourself, try doing what the child does. Start with a box of crayons and set the child within you free."

*"Today is the first day for the rest of your life; just as the seasons change, if you choose, you can too."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for August 2016:

*"What a wonderful world this would be if you truly valued your life and exhibited your soul's purpose. Some humans see their mission is to accumulate power and exhibit greed at the expense of others. Other humans believe their life to be worthless without monetary wealth. Yet others only see value if they have physical beauty. How meaningless this all is when your foundation is built on trust and faith in a Higher Power. What you see as important in your daily life may be one of your greatest lessons for self-change. Keep remembering that their are no accidents. Humans are magnets and will pull to themselves what they need to change in themselves. Mother Earth is the schoolroom, humans are the students and Angels are their Teachers."

*"Look at where you are today, is it where you want to be tomorrow? If not, you have freedom of choice to change. The changes may be minuscule or dramatic; whatever you have the power to do. Doing nothing however, can create stress in your life and stress can block any future change. One step at a time can work wonders in creating a sense of hope. And hope will become your reality in where you want to be. That's how babies learn to walk, one step at a time toward their future. Put optimism back in your life and take that first step toward your new tomorrow."

*"Let the sun shine in everyday that it can and let that be your inspiration. Their will be days that sunlight is blocked by heavy rain or a cloudy sky. Use that downtime to re-group and appreciate your Source of life and re-charge your soul's purpose of love."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for July 2016:

*"How easily distracted a human can become by their minds chatter. It takes concentrated focus in most cases to get their attention. Some humans refer to this as daydreaming while others view it as mental housekeeping. How much time do you spend each day analyzing your thoughts? Do you use this process for self teaching and self change? Or do you use this process to silently lash out any negative emotions? Take a moment to appreciate the value of your thoughts and chatter. Everything you need for self teaching and self change are within you. Do you start each day with a smile and positive outlook? Your daily experiences and encounters are affected by your thoughts and choices. Give more attention to the decisions you make. Your gift of 'freedom of choice' and how you use it will define you."

*"When others invade your space without an invitation does it annoy you? Do you react with anger before questioning the purpose? Are they carrying an important message or do your earmuffs block their words? Acting on impulse may be your message for self change. Lessons will cross your path in unusual ways. How you react can be a great teacher. Remember, that what you pull to you is what you need to change in you. Look at Mother Earth and your life as your Teachers and value the lessons you learn."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for May 2016:

* "How often do you pass up an opportunity to enrich your life, whether it's with knowledge, education, meeting others or monetary gain? How often do you let other humans come in and out of your life without asking why? Live with the clarity that there are no accidents. Every encounter and experience has a purpose. Does it mean that from the moment you wake up in the morning until you go back to sleep at night, that your awareness should be 'fine-tuned'? The answer is Yes. Take off your blinders and earmuffs and put your senses on high alert. Learn to: question, analyse, look deeper and seek more wisdom. You have everything within you to benefit and enrich your life from your encounters and experiences. Take advantage of who you are and what you have the opportunity to learn from. The results may amaze you."

*"You have a collection of classical, self-help and spiritual books that you would like to share with others. Do you sell, trade or donate this collection? Selling some, trading others and donating the balance may not be the best answer, since they are all part of the same series and follow a sequence. If ever faced with this type of dilemma or similar choice, the answer can be accessed through meditation. Setting aside time each day to meditate is similar to a 'sounding board'. What may seem like a complex situation before meditation can be quickly resolved and the outcome understood. Don't complicate your life; the answers are within you, just tap into it."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for April 2016:

* "Do you have experience climbing the highest mountain or swimming to the deepest part of the ocean? Either task would be physically challenging, exhausting and in most cases, impossible. Yet, many humans, by nature, thrive on extreme challenges; are you one of them? Replace those events in your thoughts with the words: comfortable, achievable and rewarding. Do those words fit more with what you search for in your life? Or, do you find yourself too focused on challenging your physical survival? Communicating with your Angels/ Teacher Guides through meditation can provide all the answers and validation for daily success. The key is to find a good balance and feel the rewards with the achievable experience of meditating and talking with your own Angels. The answers for your personal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment may be closer than you realize."

*"Watch a toddler learning to take their first steps. Their facial expressions show excitement, accomplishment, freedom and just as quickly changes to 'what's next?' Giving them a big hug, clapping, smiling and saying 'good job', encourages them to try again and learn to start walking. Just like planting seeds for a flower garden; sunshine and water are necessary for flowers to bloom. Providing love and support, like water and sunshine, will help the baby blossom."

* "Volunteer to be a volunteer when you see someone in need. The sense of satisfaction that you will feel inside is unmatched and priceless especially when you see the results."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for March 2016:

*"What does it profit a man or woman to give up their dignity, self respect and soul's purpose for monetary and material possessions? When you are truly grounded in your spiritual energy all the material and monetary trappings become insignificant. What truly matters is the love that radiates from inside of you and becomes your identity. The lives you touch by who you are, what you do and how you live becomes your legacy. The material and monetary may come and go in your life largely unnoticed; but your spiritual identity becomes memorable. The choice is always yours."

*"How many places can you look and see your reflection: a looking glass, any shiny surface, a quiet/ still pond, a window pane, etc? Does it embarrass you to be seen by others checking your reflection? That simple act of being caught looking at yourself makes many humans uncomfortable. Always remember that your soul is the image and likeness of your Creator and you as the human are a reflection of your soul. Any time you see your reflection, give appreciation for who you are and how you were created. Let your outer wrapping be a testament to the beauty you carry inside."

*" If you are 25 yrs. old today, how do you see your appearance, health, relationships and occupation changing when you are 30 yrs old? If you are 30 yrs old today, how do you see the same events changing when you are 35 yrs old? Look at where you are today and imagine the same events in your life 5 yrs into the future. Is there anything that you can initiate today to create that life of success? Remember you are the producer and director of your Book of Life; how do you see the pages unfolding? Use love as the starting point and make each day more important than the last."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for February 2016:

*"What little wisdom exists in humans that value monetary possessions over personal integrity and Spiritual purpose. All souls return knowing they have lessons to learn, choices to make and a mission to achieve. The moment the human chooses monetary over person integrity their life lessons intensify. To test the humans character, the monetary may become more enticing. What compromises or rationalizations become part of their lesson? Make the choice to live by the Golden Rule. When you love and respect others as well as yourself, your life lessons, choices and spiritual purpose are recognized and achievable. Don't complicate your life."

*"Wishing and yearning for something that is out of your reach, uses a lot of your energy often with no results. When you shift your focus and use that same amount of energy to meditate on your life purpose, the results can amaze you. You may be tapping into new ideas, inspiration, motivation and a heightened sense of intuition. More success and personal achievement has come into the life of a human through their meditation. While wishing and yearning results in wasted energy; the choice is yours."

*"Always see the rainbow even if one is visually not present. Optimism uses the same amount of energy as pessimism. With optimism the rainbow will always exist. With pessimism, you won't see one even if it appears."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for January 2016:

*"Start your New Year with a smile on your face and love in your heart. Exhibit and truly feel gratitude and appreciation for who you are, how you chose to live and every event that helped to shape your life. Remember, there are no accidents. If you review the year that's closing, would your choices be the same? One of your greatest and most powerful gifts is freedom of choice. Every human is responsible for their own 'Book of Life'. You are the author, producer and director of every page in your Book, every year of your life. How do you want your 'Book of Life' to read? Will there be footprints for others to follow? Do you choose to leave a legacy of genuine smiles, love, gratitude and appreciation? Create your New Year, your new beginnings by starting today."

*"Monetary abundance is the main focus of many humans. Where does that fit into your list of priorities? If you had to choose that over excellent: health, family life, job or Spiritual purpose, would it be an easy decision? Tap into your higher self and your Teachers/Angels guidance through meditation. Many answers to your toughest decisions are already within you. Learn to listen, to have trust and faith and to find comfort in your choices and how your life changes."

*"Amazing, exciting, interesting and loving, do these words define you? If not today, can you make them fit tomorrow or the tomorrows that follow? When you look in the looking glass how do you see yourself? Remember, new beginnings can start today, the choice is yours."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for December 2015:

*"What inspires you to look for the sunshine and filter out the dark clouds? What is your motivation for seeing only the positive where negative also exists? Do you look at someones handicaps and deformities and only see the beauty they manifest? Do you attribute how you see your surroundings and others to your education, your family values or your Spiritual path? Trying to put a label on the origins of your emotions and feelings can be difficult. Your soul returned with love only and once you recognize your life purpose love is what you exhibit. Life is simple, love is eternal, let your soul your 'higher self' be your guide."

*"Hold an apple in one of your hands and hold a light bulb in the other. Which of the two has more value to you? Is nourishment for your body more important than a light to show you the way? If you had to choose only one of the two, which one would it be? Do you make your selection based on impulse or do you truly examine the benefits of each? Reflect on different choices you recently made. If you acted on impulse did you quickly regret it? Or do you take the time to see the value and benefits and find comfort in your decision? Freedom of choice allows you to 'pick and choose'. Do it with wisdom."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for November 2015:

*"Is patience one of your virtues or lessons for self-change? Is acceptance and compassion for others one of your strengths? Or, does life in general irritate you? When you see yourself through your reflection do you see a portrait of your true character? Your entire life is a lesson for self-change. Mother Earth is the schoolroom, you are the student and your Angels are your Teachers. You also entered this life with the gifts of 'freedom of choice' and love. Let go of the past, focus on and appreciate today, and set the groundwork for a memorable tomorrow."

*"Simple words of kindness, a smile or a hug can leave a dramatic and lasting affect on the one receiving them. Some humans walk through life with a dark cloud over their head. Be that ray of sunshine that inspires others to change. Completely fill their cup with optimism so their pessimism is left behind. Their is no monetary charge for the smile, kind words or a hug; yet the results that it creates can be priceless."

* "When you see someone without a smile give them one of yours. Always give appreciation that you have many more to share."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for October 2015:

*"When you think about your life do you live in the past or look forward to the future? What inspires you to let go (let God) and move on? Does the idea of change create fear or a sense of anticipation? Are you where you could be in your life based on your intuition? What changes would you make if you could start over? Reflect on that when you meditate. Every human has a 'Book of Life'. The pages and chapters change based on your freedom of choice. Let today be the first day of your new life and look forward to opening the next chapter."

*"At your first opportunity stand on Mother Earth and look around you. Do you see the beauty in what God created or do you focus on what should be changed? Remember, what you put out in thoughts, words and actions is what will be reflected back to you. Think about and give appreciation for the beauty of creation and let your actions inspire positive changes in your world."

*"In most cases animals will act on instinct for nutrition and self preservation. If humans would do the same and learn to trust their intuition, their health and survival could benefit. Physician heal thyself!"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for August 2015:

*"When your thoughts are positive your words and actions will follow. As you think so shall you be. Your thoughts are activated in your mind. Your mind/ brain is the computer for the rest of your body. It takes such little effort to change your mind from the negative to the positive, yet, that change will impact not only your life and health, but the lives of those around you. Changing your mind is something only you can do for you. You are completely in charge by your freedom of choice."

*"If you appreciate you and how you were created your life will have more meaning. You will see your strengths and capabilities rather than your weaknesses and insecurities. It is a process as simple as putting on a pair of glasses. See what you can do rather than what you can't do. Remove your tendency to compare yourself to others. Every human is a uniquely created individual with their own purpose in life. Learn to trust you, your intuition, your inner voice and the Angels/ Teachers that surround you. Remember, 90% of who you are is your soul/ spiritual side, tap into that."

*"When the sun shines and the outside temperature is very warm or hot, humans have the ability to stay indoors where it's cool. When the snow falls and the outside temperature is frigid or freezing, humans can choose to stay indoors where it's warm. Making that choice requires little thought and starts at a very your age. Some thoughts are simple and done by reflex of what your body tells you. Other thoughts require focus, intent and action to achieve the balanced life you desire, the choice is yours."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for June 2015:

*"Is 'lack of patience' one of your greatest challenges/ life lessons? Do you find this challenge in your daily encounters with yourself and others? Do you feel your irritated emotions and reactions over-powering your sense of calm? Let this type of experience be a 'trigger' for you to stop, take 10 deep breaths, relax and refocus. Doing daily meditation can keep that 'trigger' available for instant recall. Keep remembering, life is simple, don't complicate it. Any unpleasant experience that you encounter can be a lesson for self change."

*"Relationships with others can be your visible sign of the energy you exhibit. Do you attract to yourself other humans that are happy, optimistic and loving or those that are negative, critical and destructive? The aura/ energy field that surrounds you is a reflection of your own attitudes and emotions. Your energy field is a magnet that pulls to you what you need for self change. Like attracts like!"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for May 2015:

*"A drop of rain, a flake of snow, a blade of grass, a leaf from a tree all represent a form of life; can you see it? Can you pause, step outside of your daily activities, take some deep breaths, relax and truly see how life evolves? Can you slow down long enough to experience and appreciate creation? The drop of rain can become a storm, a flake of snow a blizzard, a blade of grass a field of green, and a leaf from a tree can become a forest. Do you now see how every form of life changes and has a purpose? Where you exist is all part of a greater plan and network of life. Every human is intertwined and connected to each other. See and appreciate every form of life. Use love only with all your thoughts, words and actions."

*"Listen to and trust your inner voice when your intuition is giving you advice. This is how your Angels/ Teachers and your higher self/ soul communicates with you. Your soul and your Angels know why you are here. Learn to trust what comes from Spirit which is always for your higher and greater good and will not cause harm. Trust and faith does not require a monetary investment. Everyone has the power within them."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for April 2015:

*"Messages from the Angels/ Teacher Guides are given in truth and love only. Wisdom and clarity are important for positive interpretation. When feeling doubtful, skeptical or insecure, put your body in motion to release stress and achieve total release and relaxation. You must be able to see your mind, body and spirit connection for complete awareness to take place. Meditation is the key to opening a blocked path and removing any veil of negative energy. Remember the words: 'seek and you shall find'."

*"Into each life some discomfort and challenge may come to test your spiritual strength and resolve. How will your actions define your character? Do you throw in the towel and turn your back? Do you rise to meet every situation and do the best you can each day? Your freedom of how you choose identifies who you truly are, in spite of any words to the contrary. When you look in the looking glass are you proud of the reflection you see looking back?"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for March 2015:

*"What are your thoughts about the 'Path Less Traveled'? Does it represent intrigue, a challenge or fear? Would you follow it without question or ask for results in advance? When faced with change in your Book of Life do you drag your feet or view each chapter as a new adventure? Your soul's journey is as it should be. Can you learn to appreciate you and enjoy the ride?"

*"One footprint, one baby, one breath of life and the cycle begins again. The magic that exists on the Earth plane is beyond any humans imagination. Take nothing for granted and exist only with love."

*"Travel light, travel safe where ever you go; Mother Earth exists for you. Respect the land, the water and the air you breathe and it will always take care of you."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for February 2015:

*"Do the doors around you keep closing no matter how hard you push to achieve success? Does it feel like you're being 'funneled' onto an unknown path? Will it get your attention when your freedom of choice feels restricted or limited? This crossroads requires introspection. Are you able to let go of ego and control issues and let your souls purpose emerge? Meditation works wonders. Letting go and letting God will create an overwhelming sense of peace and love. Trust and faith are the keys to success."

*"Open your heart to the abundance around you. Remove the blinders that limits your vision. Refocus your goals beyond the monetary and tangible. Go within to love and appreciate you. Value your life and how you were created. Respect and appreciate the air you breathe, the water you drink and the nourishment provided by Mother Earth. Everything you need to lead a life filled with joy is within you. The Universe/ air, water and Mother Earth/ nourishment is always available to you. Where do you place your values?"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for January 2015:

*"Human calendar's change every 12 months. What do you choose to change in your life? Do you think, talk and act in a manner that creates a negative lifestyle? Are you willing to review the outcome of your actions to see what you can change? Shifting your life from negative to positive takes very little effort. You were given the gift of freedom of choice, what do you choose for you?"

* "Relaxation, meditation and inspiration are closely intertwined. A feeling of peace, harmony and love is the outcome. Trying to interject agitation, stress or turmoil will completely defeat the process Are you able to see and feel the difference? You are in charge of your life and your life is a mirror of your choices."

*"You were created through love and filled with love as your purpose. Then life happened! Through meditation you can raise your awareness to the existence of Spirit and how energy works in your life. This will also help you remember the greatest and most powerful energy in the Universe is love."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for November 2014:

*"The greatest gift you possess is freedom of choice. You can start each day with optimism and a positive outlook or you can indulge yourself with pessimism and self-pity. Which ever outlook appeals to you is what your choice will be. You have the freedom to say 'yes' to only the positive but your thoughts, words and actions must reflect the same. Everything worth having in your life requires some degree of work. The outcome that the work produces is a direct result of your freedom of choice."

*"You can view the changing seasons as a blessing or an irritation. A blessing means you appreciate the spectacular colors and changes that occur. An irritation creates a visual or sensory block and a negative perception results. Most humans are not comfortable with change. When you learn to enjoy and go with the flow of all events that cross your path, positive surprises may result. See the changing seasons also as an opportunity to make any necessary changes in your life. You can view it as time for 'housecleaning of self'."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for October 2014:

*"Expect the unexpected when you have complete trust and faith in how your Angels work in your life. If you continuously use positive thoughts and words in your daily life, a surprising tenfold response to you may result. The Angels/ Teacher Guides will never interfere with your decisions or choices. If you choose to tap into Their wisdom for guidance however, the outcome is easier to see. Make time daily to meditate and have regular conversations with the Angels that surround you. Live life knowing that you are never alone."

*"When life gives you lemons let the outcome be lemonade and a springboard for positive changes in your life. Look at each event that crosses your path and find the silver lining. When you expect and see only the positive, everything negative will fall to the wayside. You are the producer and director of your Book of Life; how you see your life and live your life is completely in your hands. Let the story of your life be full of wonderful experiences, challenges and opportunities fulfilled that creates a lasting legacy."

*"Learn to be still, to quiet the mind chatter and just exist in the NOW. Appreciate you, appreciate all of life and give special appreciation for your Spiritual Being."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for September 2014:

*"If you were given a choice of unlimited monetary abundance or perfect health, which would you choose? Can you put a monetary value on who you are and how you were created? Is it acceptable to sell any of your healthy body organs for monetary profit? Did the High Power ask you for any reimbursement on the day you were born? Remember, God does not create garbage or trash any time you feel worthless. Meditate on you as a perfectly created Spiritual Being and always give appreciation. Value you, Value life, Value God..."

*"Sit, squat, kneel, stand, walk, hop and run; are you flexible and strong enough to do all those activities without discomfort? Do you take these body movements for granted as your birth right? Are you satisfied and appreciative of what you see when you look in the looking glass? The complexity of how you were created is truly miraculous and do you appreciate that? Your façade is merely the wrapping paper covering your true essence and soul energy. If your wrapping paper or that of another is torn, crumpled or stained does it really matter? When you look beneath the surface of yourself and others you will discover love. You were created with love and your purpose for being is love. Love is what truly matters"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for August 2014:

*"Who are you? Where do you come from? Why are you here? Simple questions yet not simple answers. While looking in the looking glass ask yourself those questions one at a time. Look beneath the surface or façade of what you see for the answers. What do you see about or within yourself that really identifies and defines who you are. Where do you come from when you look within. Do you see yourself as a physical as well as a spiritual being with a mission to complete. Can you truly see, feel and align with your souls purpose. When searching for those answers always look beyond the physical. Meditation can help you make it a successful journey. Remember.....there are no accidents. The answers to who you are, where you came from and why you are here are all within you. Make this a journey of self-discovery."

*"So much to do and so little time, appears to be the mantra of many humans. Does this identify who you are and how you live? OR...will you intentionally select the mantra: I choose love and joy and time to appreciate the beauty of life daily. You are what you think, so choose to think peace, love and joy daily. Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being depends on it."

*"A soft teddy bear, a lush green plant, a glass of pure drinking water all represent something positive in your environment. Take time each day to appreciate the symbolism of each in your life. Can you visualize an event, time or place from memory where each brought a smile and feeling of comfort? When you value the little things in life you will learn not to take anything for granted. Give gratitude and appreciation daily."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for July 2014:

*"When you encounter another human that is very vocal about his/ her spiritual practices and beliefs, are you accepting and trusting or skeptical and unreceptive? Learn to use discernment and trust your own intuition before making a decision. Some deceptive humans have hidden behind the mask of a Minister of faith. While others that are more credible, loving and spiritually aware lead a simple and uncomplicated life. Remember to always look beneath the surface and inside the gift box before making a judgment. Many times the outer wrapping of pretty paper and bows will cover a dark interior. Use discernment when faced with decisions but have trust and faith in the Higher Power to be your guide."

*"When the sun rises, the wind blows and the rain falls, do you accept it as a part of life and take it for granted? Or, do you pause, admire the complexities of the Universe and give appreciation for all of Creation? The simple gesture of appreciation can affect how you live your life. Taking your life and everything in it for granted or each day pausing long enough to admire and give appreciation for your very existence identifies your character. Take time each day to smell the roses, appreciate life and validate you."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for June 2014:

*"When you hear the words "Let Go and Let God", what is your interpretation? Are you able to step aside and completely surrender to the High Power the situation, problem, experience or difficulty? OR, Are you willing to pray for guidance and the answer but your ego and control issues take charge and in some cases sabotage the outcome. And when you don't like the outcome do you become angry and blame God? Life in itself is simple but humans tend to complicate it through their freedom of choice. When asking for Spiritual intervention, be willing to step aside with complete trust and faith."

*"On the paper currency that all humans use and value, are the words: 'In God We Trust'. Yet many of those same humans are offended by prayer in schools and paying homage to the Higher Power for their very existence. Is God's value in your life based solely on the abundance of monetary and material possessions that you have? Are you aware enough to value the power and presence of God in your everyday life? 'In God We Trust' was never removed from your paper currency, your means of existence in your physical world; why would you not Trust God to be there for you in your daily life?"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for May 2014:

*"When anything negative enters your life, immediately refocus your thoughts, words and actions to only the positive. Don't let your energy field carry the negative information or actions that someone may try to dump on you to lighten their burden or include you in their karma. Don't be fooled by the wolf in sheep clothing. Live your life connected to and surrounded by the White Light energy of the Universe. Let those that choose the negative side carry the karma they create. Remember, what you put out in thought, words and actions is what comes back to you."

*"You are what you think. Self healing is not a special gift reserved for a few humans. Physician Heal Thyself, was part of the souls memory of every human at the time of their creation. Program your thoughts with positive, healing and loving information and let your body respond to it. Repeat the positive healing mantras daily from the time you wakeup in the morning until you go back to sleep at the end of the day. Start using your gift of self healing and change your life."

*"Let the sun shine in your life by the help and love you give to others. Good deeds are reflected in your aura/ energy field and will come back to you ten fold. The legacy you create with positive loving energy is the memory your soul carries. How do you choose to live this life? What memories do you choose to leave behind?"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for April 2014:

*"The beauty that Mother Earth provides exists in the eyes of the beholder. When your outlook is positive and resonates with the energy of pure love, you see beauty all around you. If your life and vision is based on being negative, critical or judgemental, that will be your daily experience. The 'on-button' for your outlook and attitude is as easy to re-program as the 'on-button' for your computer or radio. When feeling negative or sad re-program your computer/brain to allow optimism, joy and love back into your life. You truly become what you believe."

*"Each sunrise, birth of a child and baby animal represents a new beginning. When seedlings sprout and plants and flowers bloom, it mirrors the beauty of all creation. Each requires the proper amount of love, nurturing, sun- light, and nutrition to flourish. Take time each day to appreciate the beauty of life and accept and love the beauty of you."

*"The changing seasons exhibit colors of the rainbow. If you painted a picture using the same colors would it look and feel the same to your senses? Meditate on those colors to experience their true essence. Pause long enough each day to give appreciation to what the Universe and Mother Earth provides to your life and your existence."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for March 2014:

*"When you look at the sunshine, the rain falling or feel the snowflakes, do you truly appreciate the beauty coming from the Universe? When you hear the wind blowing, the leaves rustling and feel the air moving around you, do you feel alone or connected to this infinite energy source? See the entire Universe and Mother Earth a an inter connected beautiful and powerful energy field. Take time to feel and experience how you were created to fit into this vibrational energy. Remember, everything is energy, the Universe, Mother Earth, humans and animals. The Universe always provides and Mother Earth will always release."

*"When you sit next to the ocean, you will see, smell and feel the power generated by the motion of water. See that same movement of water as a healing instrument. Use clarity of thought in how the Universe Provides and Mother Earth releases. Understand that the ocean is part of the Earth Plane. Does it not make perfect sense that when you have an affliction and stand In moving water you can be healed? Learn to invite the energy from the Universe into your human form. Likewise, ask permission from the water to release your discomfort and afflictions. If it's meant to be, it will happen. Trust the laws of the Universe and Nature."

*"The bees, the butterflies, the fish, frogs and turtles all carry messages from the Creator. Because they don't communicate or respond to a humans command does it mean they have no purpose? Learn to respect, love and appreciate every living symbol of existence on Mother Earth. Study their origin and how they support and co-exist with humans and you will truly understand life."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for February 2014:

*"When you focus your attention on helping others, your life can take on a new meaning. It can help diffuse negative personal issues that you may be dealing with. It can also give you a greater perspective on what is important in life. Use discernment in all your activities accepting only the positive and rejecting the negative. Take charge of your life and live it with love. When your life exhibits love, love will surround you."

*"A job, friends, daily life and work activities or your occupation may change many times in your Book of Life. What will never change is your Guardian Angel/ Companion Guide. This Angel will walk beside you from the moment your Book of Life opens until the final chapter and the Book closes. Learn to meditate and communicate with this Angel and experience the bond that you share."

*"If you begin your day with a prayer and visualize positive mantras, loving energy will guide you. When you surround yourself with this positive energy, it becomes difficult to attract the negative. When feeling insecure, in doubt, unsure of, fill your life with prayer and mantras. This simple activity can change how you see yourself, your life, your surroundings and put optimism back in charge."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for January 2014:

*"A New Year, a new chapter, a new beginning to start a new journey? Are you determined to follow the same footprints from the previous year? Was it a year filled with love, caring, sharing, releasing negative energy and expanding your Spiritual awareness? Then use the same footsteps to a higher level. If the footprints led to a path filled with pain and suffering, a major loss, circles of frustration and an over-whelming feeling of abandonment, then release it all and walk in a new direction. Change the path where your footprints will take you by changing your thoughts, your words and your actions. See only the positive and release the negative. Empower yourself to communicate and act with a loving, positive and spiritual nature by remembering who you are and how you were created. Be the New You."

*"The simple words: please and thank you, can change how humans relate to each other. These words show respect, gratitude, appreciation and convey a spirit of friendship. These words are not based in arrogance, intimidation or identify a position of power. These simple words added to your daily conversation can open new relationships and heal broken ones. Combine these words along with actions filled with love can be a catalyst to heal relationships, cities, states, countries and the entire Earth plane. Are you ready and willing to start the process?"

*"Do you ever take notice that when the sky is blue and the sun is shining, you enjoy the outdoors and feel magnetized to respond in a positive way? Likewise, when the sky is cloudy gray, the wind blowing and rain falling, your tendency is to seek shelter, feel depressed, respond in a negative tone? If you can see how your life (your energy field) is affected by the Universe and Mother Earth, why do you allow insignificant incidents, places or things to bother you? Take charge of your life and live the life you choose."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for December 2013:

*"Which set of words identify your life: trust and faith or power and greed? Trust and faith encompasses the Universal white light energy of the High Power and the complete Realm of Angels. Power and greed is a human malfunction that in most cases will lead to karma. If you live your life with trust and faith in Spirit than power and greed are foreign to your way of being. Those with trust and faith will manifest love while those with power and greed will manifest ego. One is completely opposite of the other. Which side do you choose?"

*"During the season of celebration, take time to celebrate life. Remember to honor the Birth of the Baby Jesus, and to appreciate, respect and be grateful for your own life. You may be going through temporary hardships or be blessed with peace and abundance. Take time to reflect on everything that manifests as the pages in your Book of Life may quickly change. Life is short even though the soul lives on, so saturate your memories with love."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for November 2013:

*" Remember this law of the Universe: what you send out in thoughts, words and actions is what comes back to you. Always send out loving thoughts, use kind and respectful words and let love influence your actions. You will then magnetize the same responses and reactions into your life. Like attracts like! Do you choose to have a life filled with love, joy and happiness? If so, remember that simple law, what you put out is what you get back."

*"If you were asked to look at the wind, at the daylight, at the thunder, is it something you can see? Is it necessary to see something to know or believe it exists? Can you see a rainbow? Do you believe it exists? Even though you can't touch the energy described you know it's there so it must exist. Your Angels are described as pure love energy, you can't see or touch Them even though They are always with you, do you believe They exist?"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for October 2013:

*"You can change your life by changing your direction, either more human or more spiritual. You can change your direction by changing your thoughts, using only positive and loving information. The thoughts you send to the Universe are more powerful and life changing then your words and actions combined. Your thoughts can create a self-portrait. They can also be healing or self-destructive. Your thoughts are completely in your control just by the choices you make. Are you at a place in your life where you want a new beginning? Change your thoughts to use love only and experience the wonderful and dramatic results."

*"How much energy does it take to open and close a window or door? How much energy does it take to walk up and down a flight of ten steps? The energy used may be minimal or exerting depending on your physical health. Are you more aware of your physical health than you are of your spiritual well-being? Remember, you are 90% spiritual and only 10% human. When you re-focus some of your energy to your spiritual growth your entire life will benefit."

*"The Universe and Mother Earth are in charge of the changing seasons. The beautiful images are a reflection of the colors of a rainbow. Take time to meditate on these images through your vision, touch or memory each day. This simple gesture can greatly improve your feelings of appreciation and reduce your daily stress."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for September 2013:

*"When you make a decision to act do you use hindsight or confidence to determine the outcome? Does insecurity and doubt or trust and confidence identify how you live your life? These are simple words yet the impact on how you apply each of them to yourself provides a photo of who you are. Remember, photo's are not made of concrete. If you want to change your life, change your photo and begin a new chapter. Let today be the first day of your new beginning."

*"Make a list of your positive traits, physical, intellectual and spiritual. The physical and intellectual will always outnumber the spiritual. You either believe or don't believe in the spiritual realm; have faith or don't have faith and trust or don't trust Spirit. Yet, the composition of every human is 90% spirit and only 10% their human façade. Many humans believe that what they see is all there is. Meditation is the door to the inner realm of Spirit. The daily practice of meditation can help you re-connect to your spiritual side. There is no monetary cost involved and every human possesses the ability. Will you ignore this gift?"

*"The trusting nature of a newborn child or baby animal can be quickly tainted by their environment. If not treated with love, compassion and respect their survival , instinct takes over. Aggression, anger and fear can become their pattern of life. You were created with love, let love become your identity and legacy."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for July 2013:

*"Have you ever been faced with a problem or situation that looks unsolvable? Learn to draw from your inner wisdom and Teacher Guides for the answer. Every human enters their Book of Life with a soul filled with wisdom & Angels to guide them. Tap into that inner knowing through meditation. Sit in a comfortable, quiet and relaxed position without distractions. Take 10 - 20 deep breaths to change your energy vibration. Allow your energy vibration to access your higher self, your inner knowing and your Angels. Clear mind chatter so your thoughts can form the question. Go silent, have trust, faith and appreciation for the wisdom that follows."

*"Do you feel alone, abandoned or rejected when praying and asking for guidance and help and all you receive is silence? Does the silence cause you to lose trust and walk away from your faith? Do you truly believe in a Higher Power and the spiritual realm of Angels? Was the silence your teacher and/or a lesson for self-change? Remember the Law of the Universe: whatever you put out with thoughts, words and actions is what comes back to you. When you ask for help or guidance, do you immediately follow that with doubt, skepticism or negative thoughts? Teach yourself to re-focus and only allow positive and loving energy to define you; than watch the miracles you create in your life."

*"Create a strong bond and relationship with your spiritual side, your soul and higher self. Show love, respect and appreciation for who you truly are and how you were created. This energy will magnetize your aura field. Those around you will feel the benefits and inspire their own changes."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for June 2013:

*"Remember that everything in your life is about the choices you make. What you choose to think, what you choose to say, and how you choose to act. All of these choices that you make is a picture of who you are. Thoughts, words and actions reverberate to the Universe and back to you just like a boomerang. If there is something about your choices that you don't like, or feels uncomfortable, change it. You are in charge of your life, the producer and director. You have the freedom of choice to re-write your scripts at any time, thoughts, words and actions."

*"Do you have a favorite place that your thoughts will take you to for relaxation? Is it the beach, a park, the ocean, a hilltop, another city or country? When you sit with meditation and clear your minds chatter, picture yourself in that favorite place. Really focus on actually being there. See it, feel it, listen to it, absorb it. Allow yourself to experience the sense of release and relief that your mind created. Your physical body will follow along. Whenever stressors are activated in your life go to that favorite place. Don't let stress create afflictions in your life; the choice is yours."

*"Put out happy thoughts as soon as your feet touch the floor when arising from sleep. Happy thoughts can create a happier day and lead to a happier life. Put pictures of a smiley face on your mirrors and wherever you spend your waking hours. It takes such little effort to smile and the results can be so rewarding."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for April 2013:

*"The human calendar identifies and reminds you of the Spring season. Mother Earth responds to the temperature change and allows the plants, trees and flowers to start blooming. The Universe nourishes the changing season with moisture in the form of rain. The sun provides the necessary warm energy to encourage the new beginning. Picture yourself going through a seasonal change. Let go of old habits, allow idle thoughts to go dormant and renew your life vision and purpose using love as the catalyst."

*"Forgive yourself for any indiscretions that causes you to feel guilt and remorse. Replace these feelings and emotions with love and acceptance of self. When you can learn to truly love yourself any lessons of self change become easier. Life was not meant to be complicated. Go back to the basics of using love in everything that you think, say and do"

*"Look at a rainbow and meditate on the beauty it represents. Does each color reflect something significant in your life? Can you look beyond the facade of the rainbow and see how it evolved? Try the same with a looking glass. Look beyond the facade of your reflection. Can you see and appreciate who you are and how you were created?"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for March 2013:

*"Is it difficult to be optimistic and keep a smile on your face when faced with a life challenging experience? Does your facial expressions and body language reflect your emotions? Remember, your human facade is merely the wrapping paper on your spiritual presence and who you truly are. Learn to face and overcome lifes challenges through the process of meditation. When you meditate you will keep yourself grounded, relaxed, filled with peace and love and able to hear and respond to spiritual messages you may receive. Try it, you may be surprised at the results that come to you."

*"When you start each day with love in your heart, a song in your thoughts and a smile on your lips, it will be difficult to become irritated by small inconveniences. Remember, you are the author, the painter, and the sculptor of how you want to live your life and how you want others to see you."

*"Your brain is your personal computer of YOU. Are you a programmer, a reader, or a reactor? Do you rise to the challenge but also take charge of and responsibility for all your actions? Do you choose to be a follower and allow yourself to be manipulated by others and then blame them if you don't like the results? Do you whine and complain and carry self-pity that your circumstances are unfair or that life treats you badly? Everything in your 'Book of Life' starting from the cover is about the choices you make. You can make your 'Book of Life' a best seller by programming the outcomes you will achieve in your computer, your brain."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for February 2013:

*"Look at the calendar and see the beginning of a New Year. Look in the looking glass and see the opportunity for a new beginning. As quickly as you can change the pages on a calendar, you can also change your life. Everything that you say, do and are, is based on your choices. Unless your freedom of choice is restricted, you can rise to your highest potential or choose to do nothing but take up space. Remember, it will be your choice to either leave a legacy filled with happy memories, or a name no one will recall."

*"Take time each day to appreciate you. Remember, that all humans are created in the image and likeness of the Higher Power/ God. God does not create garbage. You were created with love. Learn to truly love yourself so that you can share that love with others. Let love become your karma. When you exhibit love toward all you encounter, it will come back to you tenfold. Imagine the beauty that will radiate from Mother Earth when all human words, actions and emotions reflect love."

*"Most animals can sense the emotions of a human without the human talking. Are you sensitive enough to do the same" Test yourself: Try talking to someone that looks deep in thought, or visibly upset and see how they react? Does their reaction determine how you will react; perhaps creating an emotional response. When you are consciously aware of the feelings and emotions of those you encounter, and react accordingly, you can create a circle of love, respect and friendship without saying a word."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for December 2012:

*"As you travel down any highway are you aware of the signs on the sides of the road? Do you take notice of the messages they convey? If the words identify: 'stop', 'slow', or 'sharp curve ahead', do you react accordingly? When Mother Earth is exhibiting significant changes are you also aware? Is there a message being suggested in how you choose to live? Is it time to take notice and react accordingly? Messages are all around humans. Remember, you pull to your vision and yourself what you need to change in you. Are you aware enough to see the message and change?"

*"Take time each day to pray and play. Most humans are caught up in a whirlwind of activiity focused on jobs and after work chores. When it's time for sleep, they are too exhausted to quiet their mind for prayer. When you consciously choose a specific time each day for prayer and relaxation, you will be amazed how unimportant the whirlwind actually is. Live today as if it's the First, Last and Most Important day of your life. Your body, mind and spirit will appreciate it and congratulate you for making a good decision"

*"Celebrate the season; It is a time of renewal and rejoicing. Renew your soul's committment to choose love above all other emotions. Live your life from this day forward as an enlightened human and Spiritual Being. Rejoice in the Creator's presence in the world and in your life. Not only were you given the gift of life, but also the gift of 'freedom of choice'. Honor it, respect it and let it reflect your appreciation and love in return."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for November 2012:

*"Roll a coin across a flat surface and see how long it stays upright. The act of rolling the coin requires concentration and focus. The destination of the coin instills anticipation and accomplishment. Now transfer those same emotions toward the way you live your life. When you start your day whether in an occupation or a personal project, do you focus and then concentrate on the task at hand? Do you accomplish your goal and anticipate success? When you do something as simple as rolling a coin or as complex as living your life, the method and results are the same. Now hold that coin in the palm of your hand and remember that you hold your own success in the palm of the same hand."

*"When you encounter a butterfly, look at the movement. Does it appear to fly aimlessly or with a sense of purpose? When a butterfly crosses your path, do you push it aside or ask the significance of it's appearance? Learn to become more aware of everything that surrounds you. When you can recognize that there are no accidents, every encounter no matter how small, has a purpose, your life will become more meaningful."

*"As you travel down any highway are you aware of the signs on the sides of the road? Do you take notice of the messages they convey? If the words identify: 'stop', 'slow', or 'sharp curve ahead', do you react accordingly? When Mother Earth is exhibiting significant changes are you also aware? Is there a message being suggested in how you choose to live? Is it time to take notice and react accordingly? Messages are all around humans. Remember, you pull to your vision and yourself what you need to change in you. Are you aware enough to see the message and change?"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for October 2012:

*"What is the global shift that most humans are anticipating? Is it a physical shift of Mother Earth that the entire planet will experience ? Is it a shift in the consciousness of the humans that inhabit Mother Earth? Where currently there is control, manipulation, power and greed; will the new focus become love, assistance, compassion and equality? Whether physical, emotional or a combination of both, a shift is positively approaching. Continue to live each day as if it were the last day of your human life. When you have love in your heart for yourself and others, any changes you encounter will be welcomed."

*"Most humans know how to feed their body, but do they know how to feed their soul? Your soul/spiritual energy is 90% of the human anatomy and only 10% is the human facade. Why is it easier to nourish a fraction of who you are and neglect your most dominant side? Could that be where the instability of life originates ? Is that where afflictions come from? Meditate and communicate with your Angels/ Teacher Guides and be willing to listen and make appropriate changes."

*"Look at any green plant that is alive, strong and healthy. Can you see and appreciate life in it's simplest form? All the plant requires is love, water and sunlight and it's beauty will remain. Now look in the looking glass and see yourself as that plant. Surround yourself and exhibit love and positive energy you were created with and your beauty will shine through. Life is simple don't complicate it.""

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for September 2012:

*"Humans are energy the same as the animal kingdom, the universe and mother earth. Humans use their energy to stay alive, to walk, to talk, to see and hear and to eat and breathe. The entire anatomy of the human functions through the use of their enegy. Why would a human find it bothersome or too much trouble to take a few minutes each day to meditate and balance their energy? Your energy is your source of life. No monetary requirements are necessary to maintain your life force energy. Value it, treasure it and protect it."

*"When searching for a book on such topics as Spirit, healing or self-help; find one that resonates with your energy, your purpose and vision. Slowly scan the book shelf and where your eyes linger, test the books that appeal to you. Place the first book on your right palm and lay your left palm on top of the book. Close your eyes and invite the Teacher /Spirit Guide in that works with you on information or knowledge. Ask the Teacher to identify through your right palm if this book is beneficial for your wisdom. If you feel heat or a prickly sensation the book would be helpful to you. If the book feels cold, put it back on the shelf and test the next book. Learn to have trust and faith in Spirit that is working with and for you and keep moving forward."

*"No mountain is too high, no ocean is too deep and no problem is insurmountable when your faith is strong. Don't look at the entire scope of what is in front of you, instead, take it one step at a time. When you focus only on the immediate next step, success is attainable. Remember, the choice is yours: success or failure, strength or weakness?"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for August 2012:

*"How little you know about the passage of the soul when it is time to leave the earth plane. There is no interference or lingering, no doubt or indecision, the soul agreement will be completed. Humans may feel they are in control of their transition to Spirit. Yet the time, location and method of passage was deternined before their birth. Keep remembering children their are no accidents. The Universe is perfectly orchestrated."

*"Take a little time each day to meditate. With your eyes closed take 10 deep breaths and feel your body relaxing. Erase the chatter from your minds-eye as you invite your Angels to be with you. Your freedom of choice will block Their passage so it is important to remember to invite Them into your space. If you sit with your palms facing upward, you may actually feel Their energy approaching. These special moments talking with your Angels may help reground and relax you before your daily routine begins."

*"What is the real purpose of life: to remember where you came from and why you returned; to expand your Spiritual awareness; to find your purpose; to complete unfinished business and to recognize lessons not learned."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for July 2012:

*"When you live your life with trust and faith in Spirit, any walls and roadblocks you encounter won't appear insurmountable. Lifes challenges and lessons may appear difficult at the onset until you remember the Angels are here to help you. Start your day by inviting your Teacher Guides to come in and spend the day with you; and remember to give appreciation for the help They provide."

*"This life you are in is part of your soul's journey, to grow in strength and wisdom to the High Power. The choices you make in your human facade can either help you find that Spiritual path or create a life filled with circles of frustration. If your only focus is material possessions and monetary abundance, disillusionment may set in early. When you focus on a life filled with love, giving as well as receiving, happiness and self- fulfillment is everlasting. You have the freedom of choice"

*"How high is the highest mountain? How tall is the tallest building? Can you reach the top of either by sitting, watching and wishing? Or do you stand, see your goal and put one foot in front of the other until you have achieved success? Life if about doing not watching, success is about working not wishing. Where do you see yourself?"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for June 2012:

*"How do you determine time? Is it with a clock, with a calendar, by watching the sun and moon, by the ocean tides? There are many ways to find the same answer, some easier and more obvious then others. Teach yourself to be flexible, to be patient, to consider different viewpoints, to look at the bigger picture, etc. Diverse thoughts can actually reach compromise when all sides are flexible, really listen to others, and keep an open mind."

*"True wisdom comes from inside, from lessons learned, hurdles overcome and life missions completed. Book learning and achievements recognized add to your store of knowledge; but it's your life experiences that make you an invaluable teacher to others. When you can walk in the shoes of those you teach, both the student and teacher tap into their Spiritual purpose and achieve success"

*"If you remember to be true to who you really are, and that you were created to be Number One in your own Book of Life, happiness, love and success will always be part of your life"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for March 2012:

*"Close your eyes and visualize a picture of yourself in your minds eye. The entire front of your anatomy from head to toes is pointed / facing forward. In order to see behind you, you would pivot on your feet and rotate your entire body to face behind you. Ask your self this question: if your anatomy is created to face forward, why do you want to look and live in the past? Remember, what's behind you, the past is gone. If happy memories exist, keep them to make you smile. If sad memories were there, be prepared to let them go. Today is the present and a gift to be cherished; be willing to live in the NOW. How you live today creates your tomorrow. Keep facing forward and each chapter in your Book of Life will feel like a new beginning."

*"The next time you see someone deep in thought, offer them 'a penny for their thoughts'! On occasion, those simple words can open a beautiful dialogue between two humans. Not all humans want to share what their thoughts are and will simply walk away. Why risk the opportunity of making a new friend, sharing wisdom and possibly helping each other solve a dilemma? Most humans have spare pennies in their pockets. Hold one in your hand so you will be prepared for the next encounter."

*"You will be amazed how quickly you can create good karma in your life. The next human you approach, give a greeting, a smile or a friendly nod and watch their reaction. Remember, what you give out will come back to you, sometimes ten-fold. Most humans will find it difficult to ignore you when your aura projects love, friendship and peace. You will magnatize poitive energy back to you. Remember, creating good karma does not require any monetary contribution."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for February 2012:

*"If in meditation and the words 'this too shall pass', enters your thoughts, understand how encompassing those words can be. Do they simply represent a troubled relationship, an occupation or current job, a physical location or dwelling, a health issue or affliction, or an exciting adventure? Or, do they identify your entire Book of Life lived, all the pages and chapters completed? In each incarnation there is a new Book of Life. With each life lived, the words 'this too shall pass' will be repeated many times. Remember to live each day as if it were the first day for the rest of your life."

*"Karma is the universal law of 'payback'. Visualize the Universe as a huge circle. What ever goes around it will eventually come back to the point of origin. Any negative thoughts that you send out or negative words and actions you exhibit, will reverberate back to you in some form. However, when you choose to live your entire life with love, as your foundation of existence; expect love, and blessings in return. The positive will attract the positive, the negative will attract the negative. The choice rests with you and how you choose your Book of Life to unfold."

*"What are your first thoughts when you see the word 'nourishment'? Does it mean 'feeding the soul with spiritual wisdom'? Does it mean ' digesting healthy food'? Does it mean 'living an exemplary life for others to follow'? The word can mean as much or as little as you choose. Trust your intuition, trust your first thoughts. Meditate on your first thoughts and see what other messages come through. Your Teachers will reach you in unusual ways. Learn to trust Their wisdom."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for January 2012:

*"Begin the New calendar Year by celebrating."

Celebrate and give praise:

*"How do you see your reflection? Is it merely an outline of your physical form? Is it a mirror of your human and spiritual nature? Does it project your soul's purpose? What does it really reflect? Look beyond the facade of yourself that you see in the looking glass. Examine the Being that you truly are. Only you have the power to change what is reflected back to you."

*"Start the New calendar Year by sharing the love you were created with. Love is the strongest emotion and most powerful energy that: can move mountains, change the negative into positive, end wars, cause the collapse of power and greed as it ruins lives, help those less fortunate, protect the children, embrace the animal kingdom, preserve all of Mother Earth's natural resources, love and appreciate each other."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for December 2011:

*"If patience is one of your recognized lessons, take a few minutes to meditate on that. Does the word bring to mind specific incidents in which you could have reacted differently? When remembering an incident, what was your attitude like? Did you become emotional? Lack of patience can trigger many lessons in your life: ATTITUDES, EMOTIONS & REACTIONS. When faced with a situation that tests your patience, take 10 deep breaths, refocus your thoughts, give appreciation and leave that lesson behind."

*"The true measure of a man's worth is not in what he has but in how he lives. He can have all the riches and material possessions in the world but be bankrupt in what truly matters. A life filled with love, good health, compassion and help for others, appreciation of a Higher Power and earned respect from all he encounters is a good measure of success. Leaving behind a legacy of monetary abundance only, is like throwing a pebble into the ocean to see a momentary ripple left behind. Leaving behind a legacy of love, sharing and caring for self and others is like rain drops falling all over the ocean for hours."

*"See the sunrise in a baby's smile; see the sunset in a puppies nap; see the beauty in the rain and rainbow; see the color in the flowers and trees. When you pause long enough to truly see and appreciate your surroundings, your world will never look the same again."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for October 2011:

*"The Angels/ Teacher Guides are as close to you as your verbal invitation to them. You may be very good at inviting Them in to visit, but unless you learn how to clear the chatter in your mind through meditation, you will not be able to hear Their messages. All humans have Teacher/ Spirit Guides around them. The Teacher's will not invade the space of a human without an invitation. Freedom of choice permits humans to make that decision. Many humans believe that only the power of prayer will assist them in their time of need. But, if you have trust and faith in the power of your Angels/ Teacher Guides, Their wisdom and assistance are only thoughts or moments away. Humans do not walk Mother Earth alone. The dimension of Spirit provides helpful and loving assistance whenever invited, requested and trusted."

*"Humans also have Spirit Animals to balance and assist them daily. Spirit Animals, like Angels will not invade the space of the humans without an invitation. The animals are here to provide assistance to the humans nature in areas they may be lacking. Their assistance is always with love, clarity and compassion and never to intimidate, interfere or cause fear. Learn to appreciate Spirit and invite Them in daily. They are waiting to assist you."

*"The question and challenge will always be, do you remember why you returned? Why did you choose to be in the lifetime that you entered into? Always in agreement with the Higher Power/ Creator, what was your soul agreement? Was it lessons not completed, a purpose not fulfilled, unfinished business? You can find information through meditation and confering with your Angels/ Teacher Guides. Be prepared to ask the important questions, but trusting enough to really hear the answers."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for September 2011:

*"Leave the environment and walk into a House of Worship. Do you feel the energy change from rapid motion to calm and stationary space? Once seated and relaxed, are you able to shift your thoughts from active chatter to peaceful meditation? Finding your sacred space in your dwelling or on Mother Earth may have the same effect. In your dwelling identify a space that you can separate from the rest of your home. Furnish it with a comfortable chair or floor pillow for meditation. Add white candles, rainbow colors or background sound if helpful but not distracting. If on Mother Earth, choose an area away from noise and interruption. Sit and lean against the trunk of a tree for comfort. Take 10 deep breaths, calm your mind, let go of chatter and become one with Spirit to meditate. Some humans find comfort surrounded by others in a House of Worship. Others may choose their sacred space on Mother Earth or in their dwelling. There is no right or better place to meditate; the choice is yours."

*"Test your ability to hear Spirit Guides/ Angels. Sit in a comfortable chair with paper and pencil in hand. Identify all the sounds you hear at that moment. Write them on paper if it helps you remember. Now close your eyes. Do you hear the exact same sounds in the same way? Are they sharper, clearer, more distinct or muted? Is your tendency to focus easier with your eyes open or closed? Because all humans are different, the ease in which they listen, communicate and meditate will also be different. Whatever works for you will work for your Spirit Guides. Trust yourself, trust your intuition, have faith in Spirit, use focused intention and communicate with your Angels. They are waiting for you."

*"When a baby first learns to walk their expression reflects amazement that they have accomplished some freedom. When an adult first opens their awareness to their spiritual path, they exhibit amazement that they found their purpose. View the entire Book of Life as a series of adventures. Starting from the cover, when the baby enters and first learns to walk. As the pages and chapters continue, there will be challenges, lessons, accomplishments, winnings and losses, all designed to test the strength, survival and awareness of the human"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for August 2011:

*"Look up, look down, look all around, it all has a purpose for you. The Universe provides, Mother Earth releases/ takes away, and your surroundings identify who you are and may provide many of your lessons. Remember, Mother Earth is the school room for lessons and finding your purpose. Meditating with visions can manifest life changes. These changes will be for your higher and greater good. Whether they result in dramatic self-changes or opportunities for greater success, they will have a positive impact on your life and soul's journey. Do you want the Universe to provide? Do you want Mother Earth to release your baggage? Do you want to complete your life lessons and achieve spiritual success? Everything you need is at your disposal and mo monetary is required."

*When sitting in a relaxed position, preparing to meditate, but you find it difficult to focus, try one of the following:

*"Love is always the answer. It is the common denominator that will settle conflicts, skirmishes, battles and wars. It removes anger, stress and hate. It unites all humans. It has no boundaries and no monetary price tag. All humans have the ability to go within and tap into the love energy they were created with. It's free to exhibit, to communicate and share with everyone. Try it and see how it changes your life and those you encounter."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for July 2011:

*"When you truly hold love for others in your heart and your entire being, any emotions of anger, frustration and irritation will quickly dissipate. When confronted by a challenging situation from another human, go within and tap into that loving energy before reacting and responding. Love is the catalyst of peace and harmony. Love is the greatest mediator you will ever need to solve disruptive situations."

*"Study the face of any small child and you can read their emotions without words spoken. Are they happy or sad, excited or bored, comfortable or frightened? As the child ages they learn from those around them and their surroundings, and begin to wear masks in their own world. Sharing feelings and exposing their emotions to others can be a frightening and painful experience, so the child learns to shut their emotions down. Losing their child like qualities too soon affects the entire future of how the child develops and matures. Protect, nurture and love your children and let them enjoy being young."

*"Look in the looking glass and smile, see how quickly frown lines disappear. See how your eyes twinkle and your skin radiates joy. Remember, you alone are in charge of your appearance. Other humans will respond to a smile and shy away from a frown. What do you choose to have others see?"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for June 2011:

*"Love and respect of self is necessary before you can unconditionally love someone else. If your nature is weak, insecure and self-defeating, love of self is difficult. When you choose to abuse your body with toxic substances, self-respect is non-existant. Before you begin each day, look in the looking glass and say: "God does not create garbage" . You have the freedom to make different choices in your Book of Life. Begin a new chapter and resolve to make this the 'First Day for the Rest of your Life'. Learn to love and respect you so that you can truly love and respect others"

*"Sit comfortably, relax, take 10 deep breaths and close your eyes. Picture yourself walking down a country road surrounded by vibrant, colorful wild flowers and a variety of lush green trees. Picture yourself approaching a fork in the road. How will you decide which path to follow? Do you impulsively choose the more comfortable looking path or do you pause, meditate, go within and trust your insight and intuition before deciding? Choices in your Book of Life may not be that simple. The easy, fun-filled, uncomplicated choice may lead to a life of frustration. The challenging, work and service oriented path may eventually open your awareness to your life's mission and reason for being. Use discernment when making choices. Learn to trust your intuition and have faith and trust in Spirit."

*"Are you willing to release old ideas, old perceptions, old ways of thinking, doing and being? If so, open up to a new beginning. If you are willing to change, change will come to you. Whatever you reflect out to the Universe, is what will be returned to you. This may involve a change in thoughts, words, ideas, actions, as well as attitudes, emotions and reactions. You are a magnet, but you have the power to change you."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for May 2011:

*"Once a human discovers his or her lifes purpose, their daily vision changes. Everything becomes brighter and very clear. Events and situations become more intense and meaningful. Interactions with other humans are viewed as learning experiences and can change your perspective. Life in general becomes a lesson of self-change, leading to greater Spiritual Enlightenment. "

*"Remember, there are no accidents, everything is by a 'Greater' design. Whatever your soul agreement was determines your Book of Life. Freedom of choice however, may divert, drag out or interfere with fulfilment of your chosen path until Enlightenment or Awareness returns. If feeling stuck, frustrated or off-track, ask yourself your 2 most important questions: Why did I return? & What is my purpose? Become grounded, meditate, learn to go within, talk with your Angels/ Teacher Guides, trust yourself and have faith and trust in Spirit. Become aware of who you truly are, why you were born into this life, and your souls purpose."

*"Symbols in your environment are used to identify: groups, organizations, companies, products and so on. Religious symbols have the same purpose. Ask yourself if it is possible to identify a humans spirituality based on a particular symbol? The answer is 'NO'. Symbols have no bearing on Spirit since all humans are spiritual. They may not exhibit their spiritual side because of their individual choices. Yet, 90% of each human is Spirit and only 10% is their human facade where their freedom of choice resides. You have the freedom to change your choice and your life from human control issues to a more enlightened Spiritual path, the choice is yours."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for April 2011:

*"Before making a major decision, meditation and talking to your Teachers/ Angels and using discernment can assist with positive results. Most humans however, use impulse and monitary gains as their primary focus and then question 'what went wrong'? Remember, the Book of Life is a lesson in choices. One of your greatest gifts is freedom of choice. Treasure that gift, use it wisely and be happy with the outcome."

*"Two simple phrases, yet the meaning can be life changing: Physician Heal Thyself & Take Time to Smell the Roses. The significance and power contained in each of these sayings can truly change your life when followed. For greater impact, print each phrase on a separate sheet of paper. Draw 7 lines across. On each line write your most important thoughts and interpretations pertaining to that phrase (7 total one on each line) Hang the papers in a place where you can see them daily. Live your life with those words."

*"Life is simple, don't complicate it. You will either be the teacher or student to whoever crosses your path. Always ask the question: what can I teach or share or learn from the one in front of me? Don't miss opportunities, each human will benefit from the experience.""

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for March 2011:

*"Upon arising from your night's sleep, walk to your nearest window and look out. What are your eyes drawn to? Is it something large and colorful, or small and shiny? Do Mother Earth trees and plants capture your attention or do man-made or material objects magnetize your focus? Once your vision is locked on to a specific object, close your eyes. Do you have a vivid picture in your minds-eye of what you saw? Can you only recall the specific object, or everything in your field of vision? With your eyes still closed, picture yourself entering a crowded room. Do you only see the door or what's immediately in front of you? Are you able to scan the room and form a positive impression with how acute your vision is? Now open your eyes and begin your day. Remove your blinders and step out of your tunnel-vision. Look in-depth at everything you encounter as if you may never see it again. Learn to appreciate the world that revolves around you; the Universe, Mother Earth, other humans and how you fit into the picture. How can you appreciate the gifts and wisdom you see as well as give back and share with others? Remember, today is the first day for the rest of your life. Live it, appreciate it and share it with others; remove the blinders."

*"If you were sitting in the middle of a bird sanctuary would you be able to identify specific birds by the sound they make? Now picture yourself sitting in a crowded room. Would you be able to pick out the voices of family members or close friends without visually seeing them? Teach yourself to really listen to all the sounds around you. Can you decipher or distinguish what each sound is, where it originated, what may be creating it, and how it can impact your life? Learn to really listen. You were given 2 ears and 1 mouth for a purpose. Use them wisely and with clear intention. Learn to listen before you speak, and when you speak, use wisdom, love and words that others can embrace. See yourself as part of the 'big picture', all interconnected, and interwoven with each other. Use your mouth and ears for the purpose they were given to you. Help yourself while helping others, the balance is important."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for February 2011:

*"When children pray and talk with Jesus, they carry on regular conversations. It is because Jesus is talking with them and the children believe what they are hearing. When adults talk with Jesus, it is usually a one-sided conversation; adults do all the talking and praying and don't meditate or listen for the answers. If they heard the answers would they believe them or decide it was a trick of their imagination? Try becomming more childlike again. Learn to listen and have trust and faith in the answers."

*"Humans spend so much of their waking hours pleading and planning for, begging and making promises for: monetary abundance. If they redirected half of that energy toward physical activity to accomplish positive and productive life changes, the end results would amaze them. The most successful humans are the doer's not just the dreamer's. See it, feel it and take the physical steps to make your dreams come true."

*"When awakening from your nights' sleep, how much time do you set aside to prepare either a hot cup of tea or coffee to start your day? Do you set aside the same amount of time for morning prayers? Prayers however, can be said while showering, shaving or dressing, so your day is not interrupted or delayed. Try praying while in your morning shower and experience how relaxed and comfortable you feel. It can be a great stress reliever and help change your attitude for the remainder of the day."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for January 2011:

*"Begin the New Year using positive energy to lend a hand. Whether you take time to assist someone in need or soothe a crying child, the outcome will be the same. Your love and positive energy will become contagious for the recipient as well as yourself. The smiles and words of appreciation have a knack of rubbing off on others and can result in a loving, positive environment for all the humans involved."

*"When in doubt, the next time you meditate ask your Angel/ Teacher Guide for Their wisdom and insight into lifes important questions: Who Am I? What Is My Purpose? The answers are not elusive or difficult to understand. If you trust your intuition/your higher self, you may already be on your path. You carry that inner memory/ soul wisdom and when you have trust and faith in Spirit, your awareness is expanded to enlighten you. Stay grounded, pray for assistance, meditate for the answers and move forward in confidence. Life is simple, don't complicate it."

*"Lift yourself up when you feel down by thinking of your happiest memories in your book of life. See and enjoy those special moments and events. It is amazing what the simple shift of energy in your thought process can do to brighten your day, even if it is momentarily. This energy shift can actually change your outlook for the rest of the day. Remember, you are in charge of your life. You can dwell on the negative or focus on the positive. Your life is what you make it."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for December 2010:

*"See the birth of the baby Jesus as a new beginning. See yourself entering a new chapter in your Book of Life, as you want it to be. See the steps you will take to change your direction and manifest your goal. Allow Spiritual wisdom to be your guide. Visualize your new chapter, experience the results, now begin the journey."

*"Sit with a looking glass and truly see who you are. Does your facial expressions and attitude exhibit sadness and fear or peace and joy? Now look at the faces of children at play. Is their happiness and excitement contagious and readily seen? Remember, your outer self is the wrapping paper on the package contained within. If the wrapping paper is torn or heavily wrinkled, what does it say about the package contents? If it has been difficult to be optimistic, than use the looking glass to practice smiling daily. You will be surprised how it can change your outlook, your attitude and you."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for November 2010:

*"As you meditate, picture the next chapter in your Book of Life. Visualize how it will unfold. What will you change; what will you achieve and how will this be accomplished? As you continue to breathe deeply, invite your Angels to work with you. Picture the results as they manifest in your life. After the meditation, when you are once again aware of your surroundings, give appreciation to Spirit and begin the journey."

*"When you use tunnel vision, wear blinders and limit your options, nothing of substance will be achieved. How you choose to live and what you do with your life has endless possibilities. Why create barriers through self-defeating and self-limiting thoughts and actions. Get rid of that baggage of fear, say 'I can and I will' and accomplish your goals."

*"Remember, you came into this life and will leave this life with only your human form and soul. Yet many humans choose to abuse, ignore and disrespect their bodies and their spiritual self, paying more attention to addictions and material possessions. You can be and you are, based on your freedom of choice. Love and appreciate yourself, so you can truly love and appreciate others, the Universe and Mother Earth."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for October 2010:

*"Listen to your own intuition before making decisions that will impact your life. Learn to go within and trust yourself. Be confident, secure and comfortable with your choice and move forward. Carrying doubt, fear or insecurity will keep you trapped in circles of frustration. Remember, you are in charge of your own 'Book of Life'. Keep trust and faith as your focus and keep moving forward."

*"The purpose of all humans is to unconditionally love one another. The energy created by the emotion of love when felt and expressed collectively and universally, is more powerful than all the earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and nuclear weapons combined. You were created with love, manifest that love into a world filled with peace & harmony, good health and abundance for all."

*"If you look backward more often then forward, your vision can become distorted. Dwelling on past issues or events may block your clarity for achieving success. What you actually see and hear to make a sound decision, may become confused by prior lessons encountered but not learned. Be willing to close the door on the past. Start each day as if it's the first day for the rest of your life."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for September 2010:

*"When humans join hands in prayer, the energy they send to the Universe is as powerful as the force of a tornado. When clear, loving intention is added to the prayer, miracles may appear. Trust and Faith can create the change, skepticism and doubt is fear and fear will erase the opportunity."

*"A simple yet powerful word that can have a major impact on your life is 'Balance'. Focus on the interpretation.
Do you give as much as you receive?
Are you as mobile as you are sedentary?
Is your nutrition what your body needs?
Do you commit to working as well as relaxing?
Can you release your baggage and move forward?
Remember: Balance equals choice........How do you choose to live?"

*"Engaging in negative thought creates your reality. You are as you think; you live as you feel; you absorb as you send out. Close your eyes and visualize a new day, a new beginning, happy/ joyful and positive energy filling all of your thought and actions, and move forward. Choose to be positive and release the negative; it's all a matter of choice."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for August 2010:

*"Set aside a few minutes each day for meditation and introspection. Sit comfortably in a chair or on Mother Earth. Relax, close your eyes so no distractions. Take 5 deep breaths and clear the chatter from the minds-eye. Focus on one particular incident or event that occured this day, no matter how large or small, positive or negative it may have been. Examine your reaction to it. Did you feel love, peaceful and happy, or uncomfortable, irritated and sad? If you encounter the same situation tomorrow, will you react the same? Practicing these simple steps of meditation and introspection daily can dramatically change your life."

*"A wonderful gift that most humans take for granted are their ears, and the ability to hear and listen. No matter where you go or what you do, your ears are always with you. You can show appreciation by using your ears to honor and respect others. Try hearing what others are saying without being judgemental. Listening rather then talking also requires restraint and patience. These are simple lessons that most humans could benefit from. When meditating, use those same ears to hear the sounds around you. If you truly listen, you may distinctly hear: the blowing wind, the ticking clock, the birds singing, the crickets chirping, the rustling leaves, the clicking noises of the cooler or heater, the dripping water, the barking dog, etc.....Show appreciation to the High Power by using your ears to honor yourself and others."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for March 2010:

*"Humans may search for words of wisdom from outside sources such as: the written word in books or verbal information from lectures. Many humans use these sources for their own inspiration, motivation and ability to focus their personal intention. However, when you meditate daily and tap into your 'higher-self', you will be accessing your intuitive source of inspiration. You will also become accustomed to receiving messages and words of wisdom from your Angels/ Spirit Guides. Is it easier for you to believe in and trust words of wisdom from a 'lecturer or author', or from your own Angels?"

*"Helping others in their time of need may provide you with a profound sense of personal satisfaction comparable to none. Remember, everything that you do or say should be done with love. Love is the center of all creation, the reason for being, the strongest emotion that creates peace and harmony on Mother Earth. The results will be immeasurable. Make a committment to start each day by becoming more aware of and acknowledging your family, neighbors, co-workers and others you encounter. Offer to 'lend-a-hand' in addition to exchanging greetings."

*"Some humans will rush through life only focusing on the 'pot of gold' and ignoring the beauty around them. Slow down, take off your blinders and ear-muffs and learn to Live in the NOW. Each day, focus on one event, item, sound or feeling and pause long enough to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and see it in your minds-eye. It could be the sunrise, a flower, a baby, an animal, the rain, a tree, a stream or music; whatever you encounter, appreciate it's beauty and allow it to impact your life. You have the ability within you to enrich your life with meaningful information that won't require monetary investments or permission from others. Why not take advantage of it?"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for February 2010:

*"When you search for wisdom outside of yourself (if in turmoil), your interpretation may block the true meaning or intent. It is important to ground yourself, practice deep breathing, relaxation and meditation. Be in harmony with the Universe & Mother Earth. Go within and tap into your 'higher self'. Learn to trust your inner wisdom. You can then confirm it with outside spiritual sources, but if in doubt, learn to trust yourself"

*"A short lesson in Angel communication: step outside of your dwelling or room. Close your eyes and clear your mind chatter; relax and breathe deeply. Invite your Angel/ Teacher Guide to come into your space. Ask the Angel/ Teacher to bring into your focus whatever object they want you to see. Open your eyes and re-enter your room or dwelling. Quickly scan your immediate surroundings and focus on the object your eyes are drawn to. If small enough, hold the object in both hands and sit in the nearest chair. If the object is too large, stand next to it and rest both palms on it. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, clear the mind chatter, relax and invite the Angel/Teacher back into your space. Ask for their message to come through your hands. When you feel the tingling energy or heat coming through your palms, express your gratitude and go silent. Don't question or doubt the thoughts, ideas, suggestions, words or pictures that come into your minds eye. Learn to trust, give appreciation and expand your awareness. Spirit is with you, are you ready and willing to open that door?"

*"The excitement and curiosity of a child fades with advancing years. Adult humans become jaded by their surroundings and baggage they carry. Cut the cord on the past, close the book on any negative energy from your early years, live in the NOW and re-write your new beginning. You have the choice: sit still, do nothing and carry self-pity; or re-capture the curiosity and excitement of a new chapter in your Book of Life, be the author not the victim."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for January 2010:

*"A new year, a new vision, a new beginning; replace skepticism, doubt and fear with optimism, trust and faith. What your mind and thoughts project to the Universe, is the reality you create in your life. If you say: "I can't", then you won't. If you say "I don't have", then it won't manifest. You have the ability to visualize positive changes in your life, take the steps to make it happen. If it's for your higher and greater good, all things are possible."

*"Just as Mother Earth upheavals and cleansing periods appear in cycles, so do the severity of transgressions humans do to each other. When Mother Earth is healthy and at peace, that same energy is absorbed by humans and results in prosperity and abundance. Are you leaving your children a legacy of destruction or peace? Are you willing to change the severity of cycles? Using love, one human at a time, collectively you can change the world. Are you willing to start a new chapter in your life, and make that committment?"

*"A major lesson for humans is 'control'. Some view 'giving up control' as a sign of weakness, others see it as a position of power. The Spiritual Warrior however, will always relinquish control in favor of compromise and peace. Trying to control another human or the outcome of events is a sign of fear. Fear is an emotion and another lesson of self-change. Remember, attitudes, emotions and reactions are some of your greatest challenges and lessons as a human."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for December 2009:

*"During this time of celebration, humans should reflect and meditate on the act of birth and being. Expand your mind to encompass existing as one with the High Power, the Universe, Mother Earth and each other. See yourself inter-connected to all of creation. Commit yourself to love, honor, respect and treasure all life, creation and the gift of being. Celebrate God, celebrate life, celebrate you."

*"Take a few moments and with paper and pencil test yourself on the true meaning of love. What does love represent to you? How does love affect your life? Can you live without love? Is love tangible to you? Can you feel love without sharing it with others? Can you block the emotion of love? Can you sell or purchase lve? Does your freedom of choice allow you to choose love? Answer these questions, meditate on your responses and recognize the power of love. LOVE is made up of 4 letters. Yet love as an expressed emotion can end wars, destruction and everything evil in creation. Choose love."

*"Look at your footprints. When you walk on Mother Earth, do you ever look at the footprints you leave behind? Do your footprints identify who you are, what you do and where you are going? Some day you will be referred to as the 'ancestor'. Will your footprints be strong and clear enough for others to follow?"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for November 2009:

*"Sit in a comfortable, reclining chair. Close your eyes, take 10 deep breaths and clear the chatter from your minds-eye. Feel yourself completely relaxed and totally at peace. Now visualize yourself standing all alone on Mother Earth. As far as your eyes can see, in all directions, Mother Earth is covered with soft green grass, billowing aspen trees and brilliant, rainbow shades of wild flowers. Look up and see that the sky is as clear as sparkling glass and as blue as a bubbling brook. In your minds eye, you can invite another human to join you and to bring along your favorite pet or other animal. While eagerly awaiting their arrival, appreciate where you are. In the distance see them walking toward you. As they approach, experience and share with them the feelings and emotions that come with unrestricted, unconditional love. Relax and appreciate the profound emotion that you are now releasing. Slowly open your eyes and gradually get back in touch with your surroundings and your life. Now that it's released, continue to exhibit and express that same love energy toward others. Love is your strongest and most powerful emotion. Don't be afraid to share it with others."

*"Some humans put more value in their 'machine on wheels' (automobiles), than in their human form (bodies). Both are used for mobility and transportation, but only one will be with you this entire lifetime. Why would a human risk damaging their human form or that of others, by behaving recklessly in their machine on wheels? Life is precious but short, don't complicate it with a piece of metal."

*"Learn to trust yourself and your intuition. Your higher self/ soul energy communicates through your intuition and will never lead you astray. Remember, all humans are created equal. When you allow others to overpower and intimidate you, you become subservient, weak and dependent. If this happens, go back to the basics of regrounding yourself. Meditate and get back in touch with who you are, and why you are here. To pray is to ask for help, to meditate is to listen for the answer. Trust and faith is the key.""

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for October 2009:

*"When a human relocates to a new dwelling, he/she will sort through their possessions and take what has value or sentiment; the remainder is discarded as baggage. Why do the same humans go through their Book of Life carrying baggage from chapter to chapter, without doing their housecleaning of self, their attitudes, emotions and reactions? Like a dwelling, life is simple don't complicate it with baggage."

*"A rainbow is a color reflection of the Universe, Mother Earth and Water. It is visible but not tangible. Because it is a form of energy that can be seen but not heard or felt, humans accept that as a beautiful part of nature. Angels and Spirit Guides are also a form of energy, not readily visible but can be heard and felt through meditation. Most humans however, will trust their vision but are skeptical when it requires meditation, trust and faith."

*"Remember that a child is a reflection of their surroundings. They absorb what they see, feel and hear daily. Do you want the child to carry emotional baggage into their living experiences, at school, their job and relationships? Your own freedom of choice determines the legacy your child carries."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for September 2009:

*"A Key To Self-Discovery.....find a looking glass small enough to hold in your hand. Position yourself in a chair so you are as relaxed as possible. Hold the looking glass in front of you so you can see your physical image from the top of your head to the top of your shoulders. Humans by nature are quick to judge their appearance and themselves based on what their reflection reveals. Do you only see physical flaws and imperfections, or a precious gem waiting to be polished?
Remember, the High Power does not create junk or garbage, humans do. Look beyond your physical image to who you truly are. Are you all that you can be? Is it time to polish your image and nature using love of self and others as your inner resource? All humans are created in the image and likeness of the High Power. See that in your reflection and be true to who you were created to be"

*"Your emotions are one small example of how freedom of choice determines your path in life. You can feel and exhibit joy, peace, happiness, compassion and love; or, sadness, anger, revenge, self-pity and hate. Your choice of emotions creates your reality and your life. You are in charge."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for August 2009:

*"If your actions and reactions are based on impulse rather then discernment, you will have a greater tendency to attract negative energy into your life. Before responding, always pause long enough to take a deep breath, and remember, you are a magnet, what you say and do to others is what you pull to yourself."

*"The energy created from the 'eye of the storm', may have a powerful & destructive impact, but it will be short-lived. However, the energy created by humans who use and personify love will have a much greater impact because it heals, spreads and endures."

*"A young child is a reflection of their environment. The legacy of a parent lives on in their off-spring. Be their guardian rather than their buddy. Be their cheerleader rather than their critic. Instilling them with a good & moral blueprint gives a child the necessary footsteps to follow. Be proud of their achievements, it will be a reflection of you."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for July 2009:

*"Seeing the glass as half full rather then half empty; choosing to be an optimist rather then a pessimest; viewing your world through rose colored glasses, would classify you as naive rather then realistic according to most pragmatists. However, when you are grounded and in balance/ harmony with the Universe and Mother Earth, doubt and fear are removed and faith and clarity restored."

*"Picture yourself floating with one oar, on a small wood liferaft, in the middle of the ocean. When you look to the East you can see another liferaft with a human standing on board slowly drifting toward you. When you look to the West, you can see an abandoned liferaft stacked with what appears to be food and water containers quickly floating away from you. Because of the surrounding darkness and strength of the ocean current, you can only engage one raft. Would you choose human companionship or possible nutrition? Remember, life is about choices, What would you choose."

*"When you pray, meditate and communicate with Spirit daily, your life will be full as opposed to empty. You may not have the tangible or material contact with other humans as often as you would like, but your Spiritual life will be enriched beyond measure. Remember, you are 90% Spiritual and 10% human. Make the most of each day."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for June 2009:

*"If you disconnected your telephone, TV, radio, computer and other electronics for 10 days would you feel completely isolated or find comfort in your solitude? If you had to give 10 of your most valued personal possessions to someone else, would you survive and truly experience the joy of giving? Is your value of material things equal to your vision of being spiritual? You entered this 'Book of Life' with no possessions and you will return home to Spirit with no possessions."

*"Drinking water, eating food, absorbing sunlight and breathing fresh air are all necessary steps to your human survival. Doing everything with love, giving and receiving,using your gifts and helping others are necessary steps to your spiritual growth. Stay equally balanced with the Universe and Mother Earth so your human values and spiritual purpose are in harmony."

*"Would you like to communicate with nature? Would you like to hear messages from other sources of life; from animals, birds, butterflies, trees or flowers? Everything alive is energy that moves at a different vibration then humans. Learn to be still, to be silent, to go within, to meditate and receive messages. Listen to your intuition, learn to trust and give appreciation. Learn to be One with Nature and with Life."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for May 2009:

*"As unique as each human is, they are the same, each created in the image and likeness of the High Power. Can you comprehend how inter-connected you are to each of your neighbors across Mother Earth? what you do affects and reverberates in some way in the actions and reactions of others. When LOVE of self and others becomes your primary emotion, it has the same ripple affect as throwing a stone into the water and watching the circles of energy being created."

*"Each time you communicate, your voice is the same as a 'looking glass' or mirror. It reflects your emotions, your feelings and the image of who you are at that moment. How do you want to be remembered by others? Your physical appearance may be the temporary wrapping on a gift, but your voice and words are the contents."

*"When you stand or sit, walk or lie down, do you give much thought to the motions your body performed? Being mobile is a gift for being human; being appreciative is a reaction of being Spiritual."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for April 2009:

*"As you encounter the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations of life, out of frustration do you question, "Why Me"? If you learn to be still, go silent and meditate, your inner knowing, your soul energy will respond "Why Not You"? Keep remembering, 'there are no accidents'; everything is by design. Why did your soul choose the events you are experiencing? Life is the schoolroom of lessons and change. Go within to find the answers and your truth."

*"Remember, 90% of the human is Spirit, 10% is the human facade for lessons. When you open your Awareness to your true essence, why you are here and what your purpose is, material possessions and positions will no longer hold unrealistic value. Life is simple, don't complicate it."

*"When you encounter pain and suffering, choose love rather than self pity. When you encounter anger, turmoil and hate, choose love over retaliation. No matter how monumental the tragedy or devastation is, that comes into your life, if you remember to choose love, love will set you free."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for March 2009:

*"To talk with your Angels, 4 actions are required: meditation, removing mind chatter,inviting the Angels in and patience. Messages may come through: sound, thoughts, words, pictures, other humans. Will you use trust and faith to expand Their communication or skepticism and doubt to erase the contact?"

*"When you view the gifts that others possess, how do you measure success? Is it only tangible and based on monetary possessions, wealth accumulated, public visibility or capabilities to entertain? The spiritual measure of success is not based on what you have rather on who you are. Love of self and others is the key. When you have love in your heart, success and wealth flows from you. It will come as compassion, respect, honor and generosity. Remember, it is not what you have in your hand, it's what you hold in your heart."

*"Look up, look down, look all around. Do you see your world through sleepy, squinty eyes and a glass that is always empty? You have the power within you to keep your eyes wide open, to see the glass overflowing and to change your direction at will. Your life is what you choose it to be."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for February 2009:

*"Humans have the ability within them to successfully meet their personal challenges and move forward. Freedom of choice however, determines how each human will react to those challenges. Do you accept defeat, self pity & hopelessness, OR, optimism, determination & persistance? Your choices determine your character and influence your life."

*"When you listen to the wind, the rain, the birds and crickets, do you hear the sounds as noise or music? Man & machines create noise, the Universe & Mother Earth create music. What you hear is based on your perception of sound, is it noise or music? Remember, true beauty is in the eye and ear of the beholder."

*"Your calendar has 12 month cycles. At the end of each cycle you have an opportunity for a new year and a new beginning. Do you dwell on the old calendar possibly filled with old habits, old lessons and baggage; or do you cherish the new calendar as an opportunity for a new beginning, with new choices and a new life? When you dwell on the past, moving into the NOW and the future becomes more difficult. Why block your own path and success?"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for December 2008:

*"Remember this child- He who doubts walks through life wearing blinders. Why does it take a major accident or event before you open your awareness to see? Trust and faith are the key to clarity."

*"If you feel isolated or alone, use meditation to open the doorway to Spirit. When you learn to communicate with your Angels and Teacher Guides, They can fill that empty void in your life by planting seeds of wisdom and reassurance, that you are not alone and your life has purpose."

*"A Spirit Animal will not invade your space without permission. Freedom of choice requires that you invite the Spirit Animal into your life. To receive the full benefit of what each animal provides a human, ask if they will share their energy for your life's purpose and success."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for November 2008:

*"When you see a rainbow, pause long enough to disect and relect on the colors. See the beauty and purpose each color magnifies to you. Blue reflects the Heavens, the movement of the oceans, the streams, the rivers, the stars, the rain & snow; Red reflects Mother Earth soil, tree bark, the flowers, the fruits, vegetables and minerals; Green reflects the plants, the trees, the leaves, the grass, the vegetables, fruits and minerals; Yellow reflects the sun, the moon, the planets, the flowers, fruits, vegetables, minerals; Purple relects the circle of energy that connects the Universe to Mother Earth so that humans can survive. When you truly experience the beauty and significance of the rainbow, you will have a better understanding and appreciation of life."

*"If you want to place in motion the energy of giving and sharing, try this little experiment. Carry a pocket full of quarters as you embark on this adventure. The first human you encounter, hand him/ her 2 quarters. Tell that individual you found one of the quarters and wanted to share your good fortune, by gifting them with the 2nd quarter. Say:"you can keep the quarters or add to them and pay it forward; have a beautiful day".....Try this experiment in giving & sharing with different individuals that you encounter. You may not see the results, but be assured, results and changes will occur. Once you open the circle of giving & sharing with others, humans by nature, will use this to: reflect on, pay forward, improve their attitudes, appreciate small favors, increase their optimism, etc.... Remember children, every action creates a reaction. You will be creating a circle of positive energy."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for October 2008:

*"Picture a Teacher/ Spirit Guide standing in front of you with a shiny silver box in each hand. The right hand box is filled with 'FEAR'. The left hand box is filled with 'NOT HAVING ENOUGH as the Teacher/ Spirit Guide offers you a choice; would you say "NO THANKS" and walk away?? Why Don't You??????"

*"All humans will experience a 'Crossroads' in their Book of Life. Either an affliction, job loss, loss of monetary or relationship, or feeling 'stuck'. This may be your first recognition that your path is ready to change. Introspection is the key to overcoming the difficulty and opening a new chapter. Look at the nature of self regarding, attitudes, emotions and reactions, and remove all the baggage. Learn to balance your energy, Mother Earth is the magnet and ready to follow your instructions when you do your release work."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for September 2008:

*"What does it benefit a man/ woman, who uses his/ her position of power to cheat others, when the end result is Karma? What you do unto others, you do to yourself."

*"Take a moment each day to appreciate what you have. Look up and see the Heavens, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Clouds; take a deep breath, pause and focus on what they provide you. Then look down and truly see Mother Earth, the Plants, the Animals, the Minerals, the Water, and know this is your source of nutrition and survival. Why do humans instead, choose the overcoat of self-pity or fear of 'not enough'? Everything you need is available to you. Take off the overcoat, put on your work gloves and create your reality, your space of comfort, your resources are unlimited."

*"As a child of God, you were created with love, to experience love, and to share love. It is contrary to the core of your existence to use anger, malice, hate or to inflict pain or discomfort on yourself or others. Go back to being a Child of God."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for August 2008:

*"The Universe will provide what you need, and Mother Earth will remove what you release, Freedom of Choice determines the outcome. Do you project love in thought, word and action or, do you wear baggage (heavy energy) like a badge of honor? You make the choice...."

*"Success may be right around the corner when you encounter a challenge or major obstacle in your life. How will you know what is waiting for you, unless you learn to trust and step out of your comfort zone. It's like babies learning to walk, they may pull themselves up and achieve immediate success, or they may have to make several attempts before success is theirs. The message, don't give up and learn to step out of your comfort zone."

*"Learn to trust yourself, your intuition will never lead you astray. Your soul/ higher self and Spirit/ Teacher Guides communicate with you through your intuition. Go within, meditate and trust."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for July 2008:

*"If you want to teach someone to become stronger in must first lead by example. The truly wise teacher is always encouraging and supportive, never critical or demanding."

*"One of your toughest lessons may also become your greatest challenge, learning to LISTEN rather than talk. It requires patience, compassion, sincerity, understanding, respect and love for others. During the process you might also be surprised at how much you can learn... especially about yourself."

*"Time is your most valuable asset, when you help another to help themselves. Also... remember to carry the looking glass in your pocket, and before rushing to judge someone, pause long enough to study your own reflection."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for June 2008:

*"Life is the schoolroom of challenges and lessons. As you progress through the pages and chapters in your 'Book of Life' the choices you make determines the life you live. Whatever your soul agreed to do in this life is where your intuition will lead you. Learn to trust yourself."

*"Meditation is as simple as taking a nap. You relax, you close your eyes, you clear the chatter and instead of dreaming with sleep, in your wakefulness you visualize your dream."

*"The Universe is the same as a magnetic looking glass. What you think, what you say, and what you do, will reverberate back to you in the same fashion. Mother Earth is also a magnet, for grounding, releasing baggage and self healing. Learn to use the energy of the Universe and Mother Earth."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for May 2008:

*"Life is but a repetition of events, challenges and lessons. With passage of time, the faces, circumstances and locations may change, yet the outcome is always the same. You are the magnet. You will continue to pull to you all that is necessary to change within you. Life is simple, don't complicate it."

*"EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF MEDITATION..... with your eyes closed: place yourself on the bottom rung of an imaginary ladder, each time you take a step up the ladder, stop long enough to: see a new, brilliant color vibrating around you, feel the warm energy of the sun embracing you, hear the distinct sounds coming from: the rainfall...the ocean waves.... the birds singing....the rustling leaves. At the very top of the ladder....stop and give thanks, appreciation and praise to the Higher Power...for the beauty and uniqueness of you. With each step that you take down the ladder:(slowly descend)..... feel yourself becoming more and more empowered..... When you feel Mother Earth beneath your feet, slowly open your eyes.... and trust...that you are what you choose to be at this chapter in your Book of Life."

*"Keep remembering children that you never walk alone. In addition to the Higher Power that resides within you, the Angels, Teacher Guides, and Spirit Animals are but an invitation away."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for April 2008:

*"When you can truly 'feel existence' and experience a profound 'sense of humility' in the presence of natures power and beauty, you will access the Great White Spirit/ God within you. These are your roots... Are you ready for the journey?"

*"If the foundation of your belief system is that your destiny is pre-determined, then take the path of least resistance. The greatest gift humans receive from the Higher Power, is FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Do you choose weakness over strength? If choosing strength, see your goal, focus your talents and with determination and persistance create your reality."

*"Don't waste all your energy trying to determine how to pursue and please others. Instead, learn to be true to who you really are, learn to trust yourself. You may be surprised by the magnetic power this creates in your own aura."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for March 2008:

*"Do you start your day with a positive attitude, using words such as: I am therefore I can; I will, I am greatful. Or, are you self-defeating using thoughts, actions or the words: I can't, I won't, therefore why bother. Life is a self-fulfilling prophesy. What kind of life do you choose?"

*"If you base all of your decisions and choices on the monetary or material rewards you will receive; then your true purpose as a Spiritual Being will be difficult to find."

*"When you trust and are willing to take that first step out of your comfort zone, your challenges will no longer appear insurmountable."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for Februrary 2008:

*"You may experience limitations on your own freedoms as a result of hereditary/ ancestor genes & your own DNA. Don't create additional limitations by carrying: anger, hate, stress, turmoil & other heavy baggage. You were created with set it free."

*"Remember, all humans are created to be equal to each other; to be #1 in their Book of Life. Freedom of choice allows each of you to choose your own path. When you give up that freedom, you give up your choice. Through persistance and determination you can reclaim your #1 position. You can do it"

*"You are truly a winner when you recognize that some of your greatest opportunities resulted from what you initially viewed as insurmountable problems. Don't look at failure as defeat, rather as an opportunity to begin again. Be a winner and expect to win."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for January 2008:

*"Remember, there are no accidents. Sometimes your weakest choice presents itself as an opportunity to begin again, using more wisdom."

*"Don't be too willing to follow where others lead, instead, create your own path, with a new set of footprints, and leave a trail."

* "If you truly believe you can do something, you will. Likewise, if you believe you can't do something, you won't. The message is: LEARN TO TRUST YOURSELF."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for December 2007:

*"Appreciate Life....Appreciate You....Appreciate Others"

Following is a step by step process to assist with: regrounding, self-healing and refocusing on your spiritual path....

  1. With pencil & paper create a large box or calendar
  2. Divide the box into 30 equal size, smaller boxes
  3. Write each of the following words on a separate slip of paper and fold
  4. Place the folded papers into a container
  5. Pick 2 papers and write the words in box #1
  6. Continue picking 2 papers at a time and writing the words into each consecutive box (this will fill 15 boxes, place the folded papers back into the container and select 2 for each remaining box), until all the papers are gone and each box contains 2 words


1. Love11. Attitude21. Inspiration
2. Believe12. Healing22. Truth
3. Forgive13. Compassion23. Relationships
4. Appreciate14. Blessings24. Nature
5. Accept15. Harmony25. Humility
6. Visualize16. Affirmations26. Patience
7. Charity17. Aware27. Teacher
8. Courage18. Balance28. Giving
9. Happy19. Clarity29. Wisdom
10. Meditate20. Consciousness30. Spiritual

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for November 2007:

*"If you have created imaginary obstacles, problems or discomforts, they become real when you talk about them too often.  If you expect the worst, you will often find it or it will find you.  Remember, you are the magnet.  Use joy and a smile, they are as contagious as gloom."

*"Remember also children, your life lessons are the direct result of your attitudes, emotions and reactions.  Look in the looking glass and see what your nature reflects.  Is it time for introspection, the mental and visual housecleaning of your life?"
* "You don't have to look far to find happiness.  It is available within you.  All you have to do is set it free."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for October 2007:

*"The Angels/ Spirit Guides suggest humans focus on the width and depth of their lives...and leave the length to the Higher Power..."
*"Try to stretch a little further and reach beyond your comfort level to see what you can really achieve...  It's the same as the farmer cultivating Mother Earth and planting seeds.  He's always amazed at the magnificent beauty and abundance of his harvest."
* "Remember children, you will always pull to yourself what you: either need to change in your own nature, or what you can truly give appreciation for."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for September 2007:

*"Be true to yourself; you were created as an original, to be unique and much better than any copy."
*"The truly Spiritual Being understands the secret of happiness. It is not what you have or receive, but what you are willing to share."
*"Remember always children, what you send out to the universe will be magnified tenfold in your own life. You will never injure your eyes or your vision by always looking at the bright side of life."

Andryl Angel prefers 'light messages' that humans of all ages can understand.