Chris & Andryl Angel

Channeler Testimonials

1. "If you believe in Angels you will want Chris to channel yours. Your life will change forever, mine did, it's truly a miracle."

Marcie S./ retail mgr

2. "I was in a dead-end job and relationship and trying to figure out if I should stay or leave both . A friend referred me to Chris for a channeling session. I have to admit I was skeptical at first. Once the session started I could actually feel something inside of me changing or opening up. The feeling was so warm and loving and I knew my Angels were right there with me. My tears started flowing. They validated me, who I am and my purpose and helped me put my life back on track. I am a believer and will forever be greatful."

Don S. / ITT

3. "Chris is a beautifully gifted channel for your Angels and Guides. She is a clear conduit of information to help you merge forward in your life; and to clear out baggage and negative energy. Always a blessing."

Veronique B./ chauffeur- driver

4. "If you are with Chris when she channels your Angels, you can actually feel Their presence near you. If your life feels stuck, this experience will help move you forward. It completely changed my life. I don't think I will ever let myself become stuck again." "Thank you Teachers."

Carl G./ engineer

5. "Chris is an awe-inspiring channel of our own Angels. Her gift is so unique and rare and I feel blessed when she does a reading for me. I have received so many messages through Chris that have increased the success of my business and enriched my personal life. I am so greatful that our paths crossed."

Leslie T./ healer

6. "I was out of work for 6 months when I was referred to Chris. During the session my Teacher Guides gave me a better understanding of my own nature, my purpose and how soul agreements work. I did the work They suggested. I worked on changing my attitude, my control issues, and I followed Their instructions to stay grounded. A job offer came shortly following the session. The position I have today is so much greater than I ever expected. My Angels taught me that if you have trust and faith you can change your life. Thank you for sharing your gift."

Darla P./ v.p.

7. "I had been working in the high pressure corporate world for 3 years. The stress was becoming increasingly difficult to handle. I was afraid of what it was doing to my health. A co-worker rreferred me to Chris. I thought it would be a means of getting more information or a different perspective on my job. I was in for a big shock. To make a long story short, the Spirit Guides or Teacher Guides gave me all the information I needed about myself, my choices and how to stay healthy while still being successful. It put me back in charge of my life. I am truly greatful for that referral and that someone like Chris is available to help."

Phillip J./ financial inv.

8. "Finding and staying in a healthy relationship was my biggest challenge. I seemed to attract all the losers! Once I had a channeling session with Chris it really opened my eyes. My own Angels gave me help with self-change and suggestions on how to attract my soul-mate. All I can say is it worked. We've been together for 8 months and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Angels and Chris."

Melanie W./ business owner

9. "When I first came to see you for a reading, it was suggested that I see my medical doctor as soon as possible. I followed through, tests were done and I was scheduled for immediate surgery. My doctor wanted to know how it happened that I came in to see him when I did. I told him of my experience with you. He suggested that once I recovered from surgery that I should see you again for any additional information. When I did that, my Angels/ Teacher Guides gave me all the help I was looking for to follow through on changing my direction and starting my new adventure, my real mission. My life will never be the same. Thank you for what you do."

Lionel R./ school psych.

10. "It is hard to put into words what a difference Chris Neelis and the Teachers have made in my life. What a quantum leap in Spiritual development, happiness, wisdom and contentment. It can only be described as miraculous."

Carol C./ Denver

11. "When I was guided to Chris so many years ago, I was in a very dark and sad part of my life. Having recently gone through 2 terrible relationships back to back, and through that, I had lost everything of any importance to me, I was lost and distraught.
Then I sat with Chris while she did my 1st channel, and even from that moment I knew that this was going to be a life altering turn in my world. I went on to be inspired and guided to completely clear all the baggage I had been carrying for so long. My life is a near complete 180 degree turn around, I have a wonderful loving husband, beautiful home, family and friends, and even more then that I have the clarity, tools and abilities to overcome anything that arises in life, with dignity and spiritual awareness!
Thank you Teachers! Through you I found out who I really am!"

Akasha B./ Project mgr./finance

12. "My entire adult years have been based in science; my education, my occupation and my belief system. And then I met Chris and it all changed. In one session with my Angels/ Teachers I felt something inside of me open up and the tears flowed. Then came this overwhelming feeling of love, peace and clarity that I never experienced before. As a result my entire life changed. I was able to change occupations and follow my passion for writing. Following my Teachers suggestions my book is being published.. As a result I have received invitations to lecture and become a spiritual guide. I now truly understand why I'm here and what my mission is, thanks to my sessions with Chris."

Roger M.,/ author & lecturer

13. "I have to admit that following my first meeting with Chris I was skeptical. I chose not to follow any suggestions from my Teachers. My life went on but I continued to stay stuck. I eventually lost my job, my relationship, my sense of security as well as my optimism and sense of humor. I went back to see Chris, this time to listen. Long story short, I followed all the suggestions given to me by my Teachers. Today I have a fantastic career path, a committed relationship, and my optimism and financial well being are strong. Thank you Angels, Teachers and Chris."

Fran T./ director & enterpr.

14. " Implementing all the suggestions that I received during my first 2 sessions with you, my business increased dramatically. My soul-mate also entered my life when I wasn't looking just as my Teacher Guide said he would!! Life is good!! What you do is amazing and I'm so grateful and happy that our paths crossed."

Lillian M./ Interior Design

15. " I attended one of your lectures about 2 years ago on Learning to Talk to Your Angels. Because you made it sound so easy, I jumped In head first! I followed all your instructions and re-read your handouts. What a blessing! I can honestly say today, that my Angels & I have regular conversations. My life has new meaning; I feel the joy and contentment I was searching for. All my relationships have improved and I actually look forward to going to my job every day. Thank you for sharing your gift."

Eugene R./ Mechanical Eng.